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  1. Just got the j and j. One and done.
  2. That is crazy. It's all old coal barron money over there. 6 blocks away from bejing Bidens old house.
  3. This one work fellas? https://www.facebook.com/1240615162655798/posts/4122569181127034/
  4. Good ole Scranton, PA. https://www.facebook.com/9355669/posts/10125202535498724/
  5. bookbraker


    Laugh every time
  6. Thanks pal! All is need now is an obama phone and government housing and I'll be just like the majority of pro gamblers here!
  7. 7k Got 14k back in taxes Have 4k coming in food stamps.
  8. Ordered a 2021 Ram quad cab with all the bells and whistles. 9 1/2 foot aluminum dump. Truck prices are crazy. I bought a 2012 F 350 super cab 5 1/2 years ago with 26,000 Paid 24,500. Traded it in for $18,500 with 75,000 miles. Good luck to the new owner lol. Rather the viper lol but that doesn't make me any money. I am a stupid mostly irish broke dick fuk who's a sole propeitor.
  9. In the showroom. Walked right past it and dropped 60k on something else. JFC
  10. Deemer I'm just a stupid broke dick fuk. Sorry man.
  11. Thanks Joey. I was using other links but when I would log in it would say account suspended. TGF is a TREMENDOUS site. I'd be lost without it.
  12. Joe snapped on Cecelia Vega from Abc news. Nice looking girl BTW. All she did was ask about the migrants at border. Joe went off about Trump. Said he's not him. We know Joe!
  13. Just sayin.... 80 bucks though!
  14. Did someone hack Kingers computer again?
  15. HenryHill gave the product 5 stars. He has been using it on his roommate for months and the results speak for themself. Both partners are fully satisfied.
  16. You are already in the basement right?
  17. Yep...clueless and broke pal.
  18. Doing snow the other thing too Merlin is the driver of the other plow truck makes at least $40 an hour to plow and salt. The shovelers make $20-$25 or more with bonus pay depending on length of storm. Snow pays more on average (it's all commercial sites) so I try and compensate the best I can because they are good guys who work hard.
  19. Minimum wage is 7.25. We have high school kids at 10 unless they can do more.
  20. 10-15 per hour Overtime after 40 hours Time and a half My main guys get about 55 hours per week.
  21. I am in a bad spot lol.....it's just me. Zero employees 70% irish too!
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