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  1. He was asking for a bullet most of his life and his Nation of Islam brothers were more than glad to serve it to him. He had a hell of a brain though, and could debate with any cracker that tried to tell him how it "really was" as evidenced by this clip.
  2. Real or not I almost shit myself laughing
  3. Well looks like my day is over early again...
  4. Originally wanted to play Xavier in the 2nd half if losing but have no disuipline.
  5. Took some Drake Yodels +4
  6. Took Xavier large -3-125. Bouknight out for Uconn. Arok the big man is back for Uconn. Xavier hasn't played in 2 weeks. I am saving a lot of money by quitting for the day if I don't hit my 12 noon game. Haha pass the walnut sauce! Trying to follow rd but my pph has no money lines posted...wtf
  7. I had planned on retiring and buying season tickets for Red Sox games and taking my grandkids to all the major sports events. Haha I won't even watch those traitor cock suckers on tv anymore.
  8. Getting rid of the pipeline was a brilliant opening move to improve the trade deficits.
  9. While the Camel is redecorating the Oval Office, the big guy is given lots of coloring books to autograph at his hideaway campaign bunker somewhere in Delaware. He became quite attached to it while being hid away in his non campaign for sock puppet of the Socialist States of America.
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