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  1. As the reigning champ i feel obligated to play...and thus I shall
  2. Very good...binged it straight thru. Love how dark it is...it's basically how powered ppl would operate if dropped into our current society.
  3. Small price to pay on a hot day for the right to kill innocent ppl and the collect vacation pay
  4. I wish Halep would grow her ginormous breasts back
  5. Lonzo, Jrue, Ingram, and Zion not a bad core...just need a rim running big man now
  6. Very incriminating that WVU has not checked in here...
  7. Any jean i like the fit and quality of denim. The stuff from Japan like Samurai is good but very expensive... Nothing that comes pre-ripped that is the trend these days...it is for fagels, women, and children. A real man does not have rips in his jeans unless its from manual labor.
  8. McCaw is the true GOAT. 3 years in the league....3 chips
  9. Can u fagels shut up already and stop cluttering the thread so I dont gotta scroll through 5 pages to find standings I thought this thing was 100 plays...da fuk. Time to start firing away on correlated f5/fullies
  10. Ortiz is a good person but in places like this in order to do good with the underprivileged u also need help the bad guys
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