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  1. As the reigning champ i feel obligated to play...and thus I shall
  2. Very good...binged it straight thru. Love how dark it is...it's basically how powered ppl would operate if dropped into our current society.
  3. Small price to pay on a hot day for the right to kill innocent ppl and the collect vacation pay
  4. I wish Halep would grow her ginormous breasts back
  5. Lonzo, Jrue, Ingram, and Zion not a bad core...just need a rim running big man now
  6. Very incriminating that WVU has not checked in here...
  7. Any jean i like the fit and quality of denim. The stuff from Japan like Samurai is good but very expensive... Nothing that comes pre-ripped that is the trend these days...it is for fagels, women, and children. A real man does not have rips in his jeans unless its from manual labor.
  8. McCaw is the true GOAT. 3 years in the league....3 chips
  9. Can u fagels shut up already and stop cluttering the thread so I dont gotta scroll through 5 pages to find standings I thought this thing was 100 plays...da fuk. Time to start firing away on correlated f5/fullies
  10. Ortiz is a good person but in places like this in order to do good with the underprivileged u also need help the bad guys
  11. Depends on what kind...there tons of dif strains that vary in potency and effects. Its much cheaper to buy in bulk online and cap your own pills or make tea. My go to is OPMS Gold 5/pk from random head shops. Its expensive af at $50 for a 5pk but prob the strongest i have tried. 1 cap hits relatively and lasts for about 3-5 hours.....very similar to an opiate high but much more speedy. Excellent for handicapping or need to get things done around the house lol
  12. How many minorities u think are in that line?
  13. Also would be fitting for the Knicks to sign KD to a mega contract this offseason without seeing him in live game action....and of course he is a shell of his Finals MVP self
  14. Old school double stack e-bombs...been like 15 yrs now but damn that year was fukin wild. Raves..awake for days..threesomes...foursomes
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