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  1. We good. Nice job Teddy even though you're a retard. On to the next round. Back in a little.
  2. Method and Ghostface with a Republican? What a photo. Comey just won again.
  3. PO did you pay the full amount.
  4. Are you all paid up. Did you pay everything you owe. As a courtesy if there are any fees, they are paid by the sender (auction loser). Let me know.
  5. How about this: IAG would prefer to have sex with PO69 than you. :hurray Haha. Talk about life fail. Now go beg for some more forum welfare, snowflake, and maybe she or someone else will run a zone so you get to gamble today. #forumcancer Come back when you're drunk and we can argue about Prague. And learn to spell dumbshit. uifimism JFC.
  6. It's surprising that they strayed so far from the original story. This new version is much better. Thought the hot girl was going to survive but instead dude just ends up with Parker Posey looking like she just came off a week long bender.
  7. The malignant narcissist strikes again. Because it's always about you. How does it feel to be a 250 pound man with a vagina. Today you managed to parlay more incest baiting with shitting in yet another RIP thread. In the real world you would end up getting hit in the head with a baseball bat. Here's hoping. RIP MM. You are missed.
  8. Oh fuck. I'll be busy then riding my scooter around SF. (
  9. Kinger make it so I'm one of the ones who can organize a tourney. Gonna have to do a Pepperoni Pizza Megastack KO Turbo.
  10. If I lose, then I'm sending the money to Kinger. Book to book transfer hah. You should not be gambling. Teddy thoughts about Prague?
  11. CoinMuncher Salud!!! Teddy you should change your dumb name to ufimisim.
  12. How did you plan on paying Kinger the money you owe him. He let you weasel out of that because he's a softy. I'm not the one who has whined about being broke. I'm also not the person who has bragged about stiffing someone. You want me to pay you in Viagra? Maybe Rosenstein tomorrow! We have Comey on Sunday and then Cohen's client list on Monday. The funniest thing will be that if I pay you on the 1st of May. And we then find out there was a sealed indictment before the date then you're going to have to pay me back! But right now, we have Mueller, the US Attorney in Brooklyn about
  13. Late this afternoon? Say 6:00 EST. Someone is spazzing out. Time to buy some TVs? #peeliever #cohenrecordedhiscallsoops
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