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  1. Joeysir,,let bet he broke and this just trash talk imho;;;; gl <ck 9.5>
  2. Joey sir I take exception to fact,,,in forum old days I post circles around you.let bet that a fact sir!, (ck)
  3. Read thread. Don’t GDAF
  4. Care to post some concrete info. on Boat being dead? I thought not.
  5. That may be the dumbest reply to a post I have ever read. But carry on though.
  6. So not 1 regular poster here has any knowledge of Boat being dead, but you say he is. You are a dipshit.
  7. JOey sir,,wish posters in the know would just cut the crap say wtc with bbb,,,,bad enough forums not like good days gl <ck>
  8. I liked Boat, just want to know the story here, as I am not in the loop with the cool posters
  9. Boat just didn't disappear, whoever has the goods on this back story spill the beans pronto!
  10. He needs to just retire. More money than God, 4 young daughters and a wife that may need some help down the road.
  11. Translation: Fuck off Wade
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