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  1. I told that fucker last week to fix that annoying shit.
  2. All of these are also weird, but weird like this Sinead shit? I mean common , The Band?
  3. I obviously remember the Aerosmith one, no idea about the Rick Roll Astley one This particular one has 3 performers with zero in common
  4. Sinead O'Connor/The Band/Roger Waters sing "Mother" Weirdo broad does have pipes, see towards the end
  5. Sir, I can count at least 6 of those in your original post that haven't posted on this forum in forever. Really Bobby
  6. Fisshead, serious question here.... Since you finally learned how to post pictures, why are there ALWAYS 2 of the same in every post? You need to fix that
  7. Exactly, like I'm gunna ask permission, lol. Especially from somebody that doesn't even post here anymore.
  8. My mother loves them like no other, she always buys them and I find them in my fridge when she visits even though she knows they are universally hated except for her. Common mom Jfc
  9. Post a picture of male lizards load asap
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