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  1. I’m I the only one kinda rooting for an acquittal to watch it burn
  2. mike499


    Trump on Hannity for the full hour tonight
  3. Hopefully it comes out he is homophobic as well. Anything to prevent the niners from drafting this guy is ok by me
  4. Nice call. Really wasn’t close SDSU dominated up front
  5. Congratulations Joey you mind doing 49er fans a solid and bribe John Lynch to please not take Mac Jones
  6. Sleepy or mike can go down in tgf lore if they video themselves getting a new tv and maybe throw in an iPad or two
  7. Boy looks like the Fourth of July
  8. Appreciate the offer not in Sioux Falls tonight. Enjoy yourselves show them how tgf degens get down lol
  9. Suppose to start 10 days straight without a day off startingThursday I smell a way out of this
  10. Terrible neighbors you should pay the neighborhood hoodlum kids to steal them so you don’t have to see them
  11. Wtf girl how long have you lived in South Dakota and haven’t had chislic. You should try urban chislic my current favorite but any bar worth their salt has good chislic. Not really chislic but we had some beef tips over leeks at McNally’s last week that was phenomenal
  12. Yeah I think the tide is turning pbr rodeo here today was at %100 capacity
  13. Love it guys keeping food in stores and putting life and limb on the line throughout the pandemic didn’t receive a fraction of this
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