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  1. I'd pay to watch. Off topic but always thought the only way survivor would be watchable if they truly made it survivor. Last man standing
  2. Figured it was something like that. Not complaining think I'll stop at the gas station and buy $65 in scratchers in honor of Wade returning
  3. Received a $65 check from Wells Fargo loan services today have not banked or had any kind of account there for twenty plus years.
  4. Hope you guys profited but that is disgusting
  5. I'm good with that god bless America
  6. $18.99 a head I’m thinking I can get out of there for under $200. Have money to grab anyway so kill two birds with one stone
  7. mike499


    Got lucky with Philadelphia last night. Kinda weird J.Smith sat almost the entire second half with cramps and Bo Scarbrough was killing it and basically sat the second half as well. Almost like his agent got an nfl call at ht
  8. July 10th across the board price hikes on all of our bread and snack cake items. Unreal the srp on some of this shit. $14.99 for a box of 10ct mini muffins
  9. Laugh all you want taking the crew to Grand Falls Fourth of July buffet this afternoon 😂
  10. I've been a Notre Dame fan since I was six years old gun to my I don't think I could name two guys in their roster.
  11. Good to see. I always thought lumping us in with the dead beat credit card people was wrong
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