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  1. Cheapest I remember around here was 25 cent wings, the good ole days.
  2. Lots of places brought wing nights back recently usually around 65 cents a wing
  3. Greens ice cream is really good, can usually snag the big containers for 2 for 4 or 2 for 5
  4. Is it even ice cream, or frozen dairy dessert? If the company doesn't write ice cream on the box, it's shit quality.
  5. Red Robin isn’t bad. I go one time a year for the free burger during birthday.
  6. They are always busy but I thought the food was sub par. I’d rather spend a little more and go to Longhorn if going to a chain, big difference.
  7. Locals shops crush the chains
  8. Same here. Needs to have the "yellow" look to it. Pure white potato salad is never good imo.
  9. True, I love Sam's amish potato salad. More of a hobby than trying to save money in this case.
  10. Awesome meals! Anyone have a good potato salad recipe?
  11. I was never a huge fan of guac. With the prices of avocados now, definitely not a fan.
  12. 8.2 pizza according to “presidente”. Very good pizza here in NEPA
  13. This thread is heating up just in time for the 4th of July!
  14. Cut the pork too fast hence the juice, it was still great.
  15. Next day tossed the pork into a sauce with some meatballs and let it simmer. I would definitely do that again.
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