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  1. Only deal I like at McDonald’s is two McDouble for 3.50 and get the free medium free in app with a 2 dollar purchase
  2. Yep, friend posted a promo. Got 3 meals for the 4.99 shipping. Just had my girl order a box next week for 4.99🎉
  3. Scored 3 hello fresh meals for 4.99 this is the hoisin pork chops and Asian slaw
  4. I went with James Allen, studied for around 4-6 weeks before I found good quality for a nice price. Local shops wanted 14k for just the stone I wanted, got it for around 10 including the ring at James Allen. You can even see the close up pictures on the site.
  5. Seasoned well and it was tender, usually I’m a prime sirloin guy
  6. Local store had whole filet 9.99 lb so I bought two pieces which was like 5lb total, did my best cutting them and vacuum sealing the extra. Came out good. Got boneless bites the other night from a bar and they were terrible so I had to whip some up for dinner a few nights ago.
  7. Thanks. Here’s the recipe. https://www.saltandlavender.com/cajun-chicken-and-shrimp-alfredo/ seriously top notch and easy.
  8. Catalina, sometimes we go with creamy French
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