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  1. They finally ended that mandate here. Don’t know what the big deal is, Whitmer liked throwing COVID people in nursing homes to infect others.
  2. I am a busted up fuck these days.
  3. Good chance they gave the Bears their last victory this year.
  4. These people should worry more about Ye’s quotes today vs a 1957 picture.
  5. Did you ever get your Mariano Rivera memorabilia? I think that was a proud “sponsor” of SP Nation also.
  6. I can’t keep straight what the feuding is all about these days.
  7. Trying to paint him as a racist, probably want him to sell the team. Wokeness has no bounds.
  8. I remember when they played in a bowl at Sam Boyd, USC players didn’t want to play. Can’t wait for this game Friday.
  9. He was very good with the kids. He would sign stacks of photos when he felt good and pass them out. He had a farm about 15 minutes from me, seen him a few times.
  10. They didn’t ask for his opinion of the China protests either.
  11. He would be a good choice in next years death pool. He’ll off himself.
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