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  1. I think only essential employees can cross the border., It’s Canada, not the US.
  2. That doesn’t play well in Indiana.
  3. Well it is planting season prep time. BBB may be on a John Deere right now.
  4. We had a similar case a couple of years ago, involving a military couple and a best friend who also served. She had the BF kill her husband and they split a big insurance policy for his effort.
  5. I think they are having fans in Chicago, very limited at the start.
  6. Obama didn't find it racist but the woke did.
  7. It should be, yes. If you have a VPN, that will work also.
  8. From Brock: Reply in that thread for me.. "I asked to be banned there Fuck that place It's a sewer"
  9. Plane has to run full or not. Nice deal there.
  10. Mine is. SHe has demential and also suffers from depression. The mood swings from sadness to rage in a matter of minutes is tough.
  11. I know a few who have said the same about feeling flu-like after the 2nd shot. My brother and his wife had both of theirs already, no problems. My boss's FIL died from covid last friday.
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