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  1. That’s basically every major city now unfortunately.
  2. Thank you for supporting out community. their HQ is 20 min from my house.
  3. Have to wonder when are some of the European nations going to step up and help pay for it.
  4. Hoping to squeeze some fun time in, fridge is stocked. I’m sure the breweries and beaches are packed already.
  5. I have to get another pine out, messing with the house foundation. Unfortunately, the power line to the house will have to be dropped. I’m down to one ash tree needing removal, hoping that will cost 300 or so.
  6. It cost me $3000 to remove a 100+ ft pine. They earned their money
  7. I would be in for Blue Oyster Culc, Cheap Trick, and The Cult.
  8. That’s ok, the president has zero answers also.
  9. They made their choice of freedom celebration - they have Juneteenth now. We get July 4. Only government workers get to celebrate both.
  10. What did they expect? That is how I pictured it to go.
  11. The allure of drag queens from the left is beyond creepy.
  12. I’ll raise you King Diamond and Wendy O Williams birthdays.
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