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  1. A Tiger farmhand may refuse a call-up from Las Vegas to Detroit.
  2. Not a fan of either, both very overrated. Meatloaf was a pretty good softball player though.
  3. Yes,141 more miles to Chicago.
  4. It was a good week, I got 55% of my order. Meanwhile gas went up 25 cents/gal. thanks Joe
  5. Listened to him every night. He has family in Lakeside, across the lake.
  6. The nice thing about using Adams is it’s like using ARod.
  7. If you wanted to have a different lineup, it would be Josh Allen and AJ Dillon in place of ARod and Singletary. You could put Mixon in there for a RB also, then use Adams over Chase.
  8. Not the worst bet. I was hoping for more, but they are pretty public now.
  9. GS gets Mil and the Bulls on a B2B.
  10. Maybe Hillary can run again?
  11. If one wants to argue that it should be on their license or ID card, that’s fine. They lose me when you have to show a vax card for entry at a bar, but no ID to vote. Let a bunch of unvaccinated illegals in the country is fine with them, but fire essential workers who didn’t is ok also?
  12. FairWarning


    Why should they refund the losers on this bet?
  13. While the country is going to hell, it’s reassuring that Trump and Biden continue to obsess over election laws.
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