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  1. I’m on another site, Minn libs supporting this decision.
  2. Watched it last night, really good. You’re correct about this being a big money grab.
  3. I can’t believe a union would agree to those terms.
  4. If student need educators that look like them, why are blacks living in Minnesota? I’ve never heard of that logic before, just awful.
  5. I’m guessing by the corner store is out of Natty Ice 25 oz cans.
  6. Those women either go to Wisconsin or Michigan every weekend.
  7. They will blame Indiana for the car like they do the guns.
  8. Mine is in a month, should be an interesting time.
  9. Hawaiian pizza is great. Only chain I can recommend is Jets. Pretty damn good.
  10. I can’t believe Runner would do it, he doesn’t have a history of that.
  11. Bears could be the worst team actually.
  12. Hard to believe but that is true - 3000.
  13. Getting rid of the fake woke Whitmer.
  14. All in on Dixon. D’s contributed to Gibbs fund to get Meijer out. Trump forced Upton out also.
  15. What does that have to do with the special interests in China?
  16. Team blue likes sucking some Commie dick also.
  17. Warren Sharp is good. I think I would have Detroit ahead of Chicago right now.
  18. 435 elected officials would starve if we cut back on Chinese interests.
  19. And his poll numbers are rising. Who signs up for higher taxes and more crime?
  20. Is George Floyd Square the modern day ML King Drive in each city’s worst area? MSP needs to step up its homicides, Chicago has 415. They are all Indiana’s fault though.
  21. It’s coming back any day now. The hosting company had issues and both sides parted ways at the last minute. They were hoping to be up and running by today, It is a busy forum, but if you get real personal, they will ban you also.
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