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  1. It seems like this place is a ghost town now, but checking to see if there are any March madness contests (like the three star, two star, and one star plays for the bowl contests or x amount of bets each round).
  2. Thanks. I was glad to see that Elon didn't screw me over yet again with a spread/total bet...
  3. 3-0, +4.0 Overall: 9-6, +2.25 Drexel +1200 pretourney hit also. I'm surprised their odds were that high since the books had them at a PK pretty much against northeastern, who was probably the best team going in after JMU lost Lewis. expect Drexel as a 16 seed to get worked over pretty badly 😬
  4. Finals: Drexel -2 1h: 2.3 to win 2 1h UNDER 61: 1.1 to win 1 UNDER 130.5: 1.1 to win 1
  5. 1-3, -2.2 Overall: 6-6, -1.75 Man, got wrecked today... Never would have even dreamed that Elon would grab 18 offensive rebounds and out rebound hofstra by 20. I thought northeastern figured things out in the second half yesterday and shook off the rust, but they looked like a team tonight that had been decimated by covid (like they were this year). Only reason they didn't lose by 20+ is telfort going off Only fitting with how bad this conference has become that two teams with losing conference records meet in the finals
  6. Good luck. I think Hofstras a rough matchup for elon (like JMU), but I was wrong yesterday. I don't think elon has an answer for Kante and the quick guards from hofstra will give them trouble
  7. Semis plays: NE Drexel OVER 131: 2.2 to win 2 NE ml: 2 to win 2.1 Hofstra -2.5 1h: 1.1 to win 1 Hofstra elon UNDER 65 1h: 1.1 to win 1
  8. Hofstra has been spoiled by having elite level mid major point guards for at least six years (Buie, JWF, Juanya Green). Ray is good, but he isn't at the level of those three. Still, they have the best big in the CAA and are more than capable of winning the terrible CAA.
  9. 3-3, -2.55 Overall: 5-3, +.45 Really awful choke by jmu up 15 with 12 to play on their homecourt (granted, the two soft technicals really screwed them over) Northeastern with a scary, dominant 2nd half doomed WM (should have bet WM for the first half in hindsight...). Drexel northeastern game should be good. I think the winner of that wins the championship
  10. 1 more: WM +8 - 1.15 to win 1
  11. Adding: Jmu -4.5: 2.2 to win 2 - surprise how low the spread is with the games being played on jmu's home court. Rough matchup for elon because of the atleticism jmu has. WM northeastern under 63 1h: 1.05 to win 1 Drexel Charleston OVER 129: 1.1 to win 1
  12. Yeah, sadly that's the State of affairs for the CAA. It's sad how the conference has fallen off the face of this Earth... I actually think Drexel has good value, as they have a good point guard, a good center, and solid shooters at the other positions
  13. Quarterfinal plays: Hofstra Delaware UNDER 139.5: 2.2 to win 2 Delaware hasn't played since January 31st and Hofstra hasn't played since February 14th. I expect a lot of rust for both teams Hofstra -3.5: 1.1 to win 1
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