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  1. Things the midge is an expert - poverty bankruptcy delivering tuna melts writing rubber checks
  2. Wtf does the stock price have to do with how shitty a place it is, or really anything for that matter.
  3. 💡 Him and the boyz ran a train on baldy and took the grill to-go on their way out.
  4. Ya house get a $39.99 grill from Walmart and cook in the parking lot of the projects like Brock!!!
  5. Midgetism is a mental disorder!!!
  6. He’s also unemployed and lives off his baby mama and the government.
  7. “No interest in posting on any forums anymore. But Kari Lake is awesome. And if any sane American has looked around the past couple years and doesn’t automatically vote straight R down the ticket… they should get their head examined.” -Disabler
  8. No way, O club is like a woke convention relative to this club. Few even know of the club. They have strict guest policies and few members, probably only a few hundred. Super old school. You aren’t even allowed to tip anyone other than the caddies. Strict dress codes for different area. Mens only bar, etc. You also cant apply to be a member. Need to be invited and then after that throw a bunch of parties and other shit to prove yourself. Beautiful course and grounds though.
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