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  1. Five50 is really good pizza. Always grab a slice when staying at the aria.
  2. You’re one retarded midge !
  3. Trump pushing the vax is all part of the plan!!!!! Open your eyes!!! Nothing can stop what’s coming!!!!! -Raisethemethpipe
  4. Exactly. Midgets brain is so rotted out he must have forgotten.
  5. Next year step it up and get a MAYO Turkey cake. Salud!
  6. I’ll pray you get the mental health help you need.
  7. Kracken!!!!! Remember when Sid and Lin were going to release some BIBLICAL info on that and literally nothing happened?
  8. Sadly all too common w older Asians.
  9. Only other name I’ve posted with online is …. Q !!!
  10. The deep state and Biden shut down raises house ??? Unreal !!!
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