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  1. Every time this midget piece of whoreshit spouts his nonsense about the vax makes me more confident in my decision not to get it
  2. Open your eyes sheep!!! This is clearly an import q drop comm!!!! Your matrix is different from mine!!
  3. Sa-fucking-lud men and women! What a way to wake up on a Friday
  4. Strongly disagree. I think it’s way better than the football one. I enjoyed it.
  5. If i is wake up and it’s .50 i might hit my head on the roof jumping up and down
  6. Tremendous!!! Welcome to the doge train!!!
  7. Lol reciprocal confirmation bias played in our favor !
  8. Let’s get this fkkkk on coin base and we’ll see a buck in a week !
  9. lol moved my sell order to .49 Holding !!
  10. Milky you’re my hero pal!! If not for you I’d have paper handed this shit long ago!!
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