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  1. He needed an emergency diaper change. The merrymen have it under control now. -JBD-
  2. Yea you’re favorite country Canada is a perfect example.
  3. He’s a little angry guy like Landers.
  4. You ordered a copy of Hairline Alberta?? You just doubled chrome dome’s lifetime sales! Get some!!!!
  5. Ya should have been more specific, it was a $100b surplus based on last years budget.
  6. One of my favorite John Daly stories is after choking vs Tiger at the pga championship in SF (was there for part of it) he immediately drove to Lake Tahoe and donked every cent he won and more playing slots. Think it was $$1k+ a pull slot. Legendary degenerate
  7. That’s always been the funniest part to me. He lives/eats much worse than the average black person yet thinks he’s better than them. One of the dumbest white trash sacks of shit I’ve ever seen.
  8. Wonder if the midge had a Pavlovian like response and fired up the cab when he saw this picture?
  9. Almost $100b surplus bc these commie fucks tax us to death on everything.
  10. Oh the irony…. Please explain how directly sending budget surplus funds back to tax payers increases inflation, Joe Dirt.
  11. Ya you dumbmotherfucker stealing money from the American taxpayer and funneling it yourself and your friends/lobbyists is definitely bipartisan
  12. The midge is here to dance and entertain us.
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