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  1. Ted is a trash bag and a stiff but he was fun to hang out and drink with. Even if he did supposedly shit his pant and pass out on the front lawn of a hotel.
  2. Great pies. Their key lime mini pie like that is great too.
  3. He’s a stiff that couldn’t finish high school. His take on peoples intelligence is irrelevant .
  4. Heard the secret service didn’t put Biden’s recycling bins to the curb on garbage day last week. clearly a fake president !!!!
  5. Hey methy can we get an update on THE KRACKEN?? Where are MikeyPillow, Lin, and Sid???
  6. Put down the methpipe dipshit. Most of the forum would have you in their top 5.
  7. He told them he was a famous disabled tuna melt delivery driver from Champaign, IL and got free parking. Salud!
  8. No you silly inbred, I’ve eaten it in…you guessed…..it..Spain. You know where it’s from. Some of us travel the world instead of banging a keyboard while methed out in a trailer park.
  9. Unless Ty let’s him sleep at their student project apartment.
  10. You hillbillies crack me up. It’s a Spanish dish that takes forever to make and as mentioned contains saffron which is super expensive. Sure it’s basically like a fancy rice a roni but it’s really good if done right.
  11. Enjoy sleeping in your car tonight while you decide.
  12. Your meth guy fry up wings in his bath tub between batches?
  13. Midge probably got free tickets from make a wish bc no one else would take them to see a shit event like that.
  14. We all know how he does when he posts his -300 plays before they start …..
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