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  1. Yikes. Don’t even think Bcats or TeddyGED would eat that.
  2. Or maybe I’m not a mentally ill nutter and DGAF about the politics of the actor portraying a fictional character?
  3. You should definitely watch it. If me and redtrash agree on it, you know it’s good!
  4. Fuck you and your Commie nonsense. Go to China or Canada if you want the government to tell you what to do bc you’re too dumb to think for yourself.
  5. Why’d you think I was talking about you?
  6. Now you know how I feel when your redneck plumber friend says this to me.
  7. Mething Can Stop What’s Not Coming!!!!!
  8. Crazy how people here can’t grasp some of us are good at making money. It’s always “you’re a silver spooner !!” Or “inheritance “
  9. Exactly. Been easily 10+ years *Post sponsored by USAGlasses.com*
  10. Fucking white knight cuck!!!!!!
  11. Oh wow. Yet again the resident looney meth addict telling me about myself. Learn so much about myself at the gambling forum dot com!!! Simply amazing
  12. IAG as solid as they come. Has zero to do w poker. She’s been a beacon of knowledge in crypto and other topics long before poker even started. IM no white knight and lagger is more than capable of fighting her own fights but the hate she gets for no reason from you and Wade is crazy to me.
  13. You don’t need to read the wapo article. It’s been known the co-ceo donated how he did since before ftx even collapsed. Check the open secrets link I posted.
  14. See my above post. He paid off both sides. Same thing banks and hedge funds have been doing for many years.
  15. https://www.opensecrets.org/outside-spending/donor_detail/2022?id=U0000004758&type=I&super_only=N&name=Salame%2C+Ryan+D.
  16. This is absolutely true. But he wasn’t giving money just to support causes , it’s for protection from the law and it’s clearly working. He defrauded a million people for billions and is on a speaking tour
  17. There’s proof the Co-CEO gave 30m to the republicans
  18. Also gave 10s of millions to the republicans. He knew what he was doing. Pay off both sides for the best protection from the law
  19. Need to move away from all these centralized exchanges. Decentralized exchanges and p2p is the future.
  20. The contagion is real and hasn’t even been close to fully exposed /felt yet.
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