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  1. I told Acasia last week that you would be up there....have you talked to her yet Mike?
  2. Bring a cooler and leave it along the fence where the clubhouse exchange is(near the Jim Dandy bar).Hang out in clubhouse and grandstand....and have a great dinner at The Old Bryan Inn
  3. check out Orient point Greenport Mattituck.....
  4. Montauk is fine.Terrific fishing but a lot of over priced places.The North Fork og Long Island is a hidden gem.Its beautiful.Lots of vineyards and farms....its the best
  5. orient point long island is great.the north fork of long island is beautiful
  6. Schistl shit the bit ....whats going on with this guy
  7. Hirams in Fort Lee for dogs...Rutts hut is great too. Mike where are you now and when are you going to Toga?
  8. I like Bavarian Creme in the final
  9. how long is the interview process/ background check take Fisscuk and friends?
  10. I was gonna ask you about that....Weird Has he been at Florida? Suspended?
  11. Drugs and alcohol in moderation of course are a wonderful thing.....
  12. the one for $55 I heard was worth doing
  13. Latham malta Colonie way better choices.Schenectady is a real shit hole.all of the places along Wolf rd are fine with lots of dining options and pretty nice areas
  14. Malta is good....I get rooms at Hotel Trilogy (Latham) for $120 through work.Its quiet and clean about 28 miles from track.if you are interested in staying there lmk
  15. Do you have a place to stay in Saratoga area?
  16. How was Ye Olde Lobster house on right?
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