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  1. The Rx was maybe the best going way back. The place really sucks now. All politics mostly.Majorwager wasn't bad either. EOG had some good years also. SBR had a lot to offer also. I never got involved with all the drama. You glean whatever knowledge you can from them all.
  2. Time Waits For No One Moonlight Mile Soul Survivor Till The Next Goodbye Short And Curlies Heartbreaker Sway You Got The Silver
  3. Thank you for your timely answer.it only took less than 5 years to be responded to.?
  4. That is what I figured. Thank you sir.
  5. Not trying to badmouth HRW just surprised me and my thought WTF also.
  6. When I go to the HRwager deposit page it says my bookie? Are these 2 sites affiliated with each other?
  7. Same girl. Left better shot though.
  8. Whatever happened to Sick Gambler?Probably my favorite poster of all time.
  9. Moving to Montana soon Yippee ty o ty aye
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