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  1. Works great for the web and boots instantly. I got a cheapo acer one a couple years and its still working fine. The only downside is you cant install any programs on it.
  2. I have the pats for the 33 contest. thought for sure Oak would do something stupid to blow it.
  3. 11-18 #5 AB vegas Your response has been recorded. Submit another response
  4. from coinbase click accounts at top of page click the bitcoin transaction(it will say sent bitcoin) click view transaction then the bitcoin transaction id will be on the screen (on the purple portion of the screen) thats what you need for the accelerator
  5. yea coinbase doesn't let you change the fee but they usually assign a high miners fee to start with. Sucks that everything is stuck.. you guys could try using this. but you must do it right at the top of the hour. 1 minute after it probably won't work. you copy the bitcoin transaction id and they help out a limited number of transactions every hour https://pool.viabtc.com/tools/txaccelerator/
  6. If sent via blockchain click the transaction and it has all the detail look for Fee per byte 185 sat/B If the fee is much under 900 it takes forever. and as the blockchain gets more screwed up the fees keep rising and rising so all the lower fee transactions get put in worse shape.
  7. Deemer, What Miners fee was it sent with ? anything under 900 it could be hung up for a while https://bitcoinfees.earn.com
  8. yea I saw that story too but don't believe it. Sounds like a couple teams on damage control.
  9. Yea they passed on 2 firsts in the offseason cause that wasn't enough but most of the patriot fan lemmings will still praise Belichek for a great trade
  10. Received my prize money today just a couple days after America's Bookie NCAA Football contest ended. Half the participants got at least a freeplay lots of cash given away too. The Contests here are second to none. Very Well run and Generous Prizes Much appreciated
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