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  1. This dude must be a complete nutsack? Banned after 2 post!! LMFAO. What's his story?
  2. Ohio state-14|||||||||||||Ucla-19||||||||||||ROLL DAMN TIDE-23||||||||| Arkansas+18 FUCK OFF AND DIE WAR Non heterosexual person EAGLE|||||||
  3. Thanks guys. On to football now!!!! Let's hit em big
  4. Yep. He's back. John Rocker will on the 29th season of Survivor this fall. He will be on with his girlfriend. Wonder what will happen if he gets voted off? Hope he goes off again.
  5. Why when I hit the return key to try and list plays When I post, it is one long continuous sentence. (Or I may be computer illiterate, this sentence was supposed to be on bottom)
  6. Tulane +7. Will add more later. Was waiting for Tulane lune to move to 7
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