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  1. 2 thru 2. Do not fuck me here
  2. Teddy applied to jf and was rejected once before
  3. Lololololol more money in my bookmaker account than you have in your checking, but sure pal, broke here
  4. Lol, yeah, if you’re believing TeddyStiffGB, you’re a real sharp.
  5. Before you come at me, why don’t you reread your thread where you made excuse after excuse for Maye and told everyone unc hoops would be fine come march. How’d that work? Feel free to keep blabbering about LIV, but don’t come at Deemer
  6. UNC fine come March…..lolololol
  7. PGA off field, another really good finish. PGA Ship this week. Tour can’t be better right now. wonder what LIV ratings will be this week, lolololol
  8. Lol, you’re a ghost, pal. Post under your real handle. you seem tilted. let me get a pen and paper and scribble down some unc notes… idk what’s worse, LIV golf or your unc takes
  9. Tell us again how unc hoops championship and drake maye heisman
  10. Deemer


    Tough for jbd watch lebron just abuse the GS dynasty. Imagine needing Kd
  11. Deemer


    LeBron gonna hoist ANOTHA one
  12. LOLOL LIV got pulled off tv today for Re runs of a show with 3 holes left. Horrific product
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