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  1. Imagine thinking the vaccine kills you. Lolololololol
  2. Consider them lucky
  3. I’ve seen too many deaths and hospitalizations from people who thought they knew more than the EpIdemIOlOgiSts
  4. Hoping those that choose not to get it are advising high risk individuals to get it. I can see an argument for being 35, healthy, going unvaxxed. But if you’re 50+… or obese… or underlying conditions, get it. Zero choice imo
  5. To further my point, all vaxxed people I know who got it. About 1 had bad symptoms. Lost a semi closer family member to covid and they were unvaxxed. Several unvaxxed friends got it and got pretty sick for 3-5 days. I will say several vaxxed friends and family have got it, but as I said very few symptoms. I may be immune because I’ve been a close contact COUNTLESS times and test every time frequently and NEGATIVE
  6. Vaxed and BOOSTED one of only people I know that hasn’t gotten it safe and effective boys and girls
  7. Have only HAD once will TRY again
  8. Whats Best Buy RIGHT now? Btc or eth?
  9. Prize picks isn’t available in most states either
  10. Old thread reminded me of this PWNING
  11. ACH is a stiff.
  12. I went 4-0-1 Rudy, but thats what I do
  13. So you went 1-1. +EV though!!
  14. I had several lineups with Mastuayama, disgusting
  15. Lolololol deflect from being a stiff
  16. Why don’t you pay your debts ?
  17. Rudy what you got golf matchup wise tomorrow you Non heterosexual person
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