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  1. 6 yard catch early and nothing since just set up a screen to him and QB spiked it
  2. You think any of these issues stem from YOUR UGLY JUMPER?
  3. Deemer

    New Policy

    Where’s BigDaddy?
  4. LIV caved. They knew it wasn’t sustainable throwing billions at a product that had no chance of success. Not to mention players deals ended end of 24’ had to give up. PGA gets blank check and all voting power and their players back.
  5. Can’t wait for our cat to croak, got any tips?
  6. 2 thru 2. Do not fuck me here
  7. No one watched LIV tournament per usual
  8. Teddy applied to jf and was rejected once before
  9. Lololololol more money in my bookmaker account than you have in your checking, but sure pal, broke here
  10. Lol, yeah, if you’re believing TeddyStiffGB, you’re a real sharp.
  11. Before you come at me, why don’t you reread your thread where you made excuse after excuse for Maye and told everyone unc hoops would be fine come march. How’d that work? Feel free to keep blabbering about LIV, but don’t come at Deemer
  12. UNC fine come March…..lolololol
  13. PGA off field, another really good finish. PGA Ship this week. Tour can’t be better right now. wonder what LIV ratings will be this week, lolololol
  14. Lol, you’re a ghost, pal. Post under your real handle. you seem tilted. let me get a pen and paper and scribble down some unc notes… idk what’s worse, LIV golf or your unc takes
  15. Tell us again how unc hoops championship and drake maye heisman
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