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  1. Good for you moldy enjoy it. Better to spend profits doing this then just losing it.
  2. Why do you think this was the first Supreme Court leak? Dems need to rally the troops.
  3. Xyz you did ruin this thread you chump.
  4. Easy winner. Keep em coming landers.
  5. The pho looks great. Who do you like tonight?
  6. Super rich hedge fund type people will never lose all their money so the stock market permanently crashing is never going to happen. So no reason to sweat it. Every time the market goes down a bunch, the super rich use their cash stockpile to buy more at low prices, and it goes right back up.
  7. Fuck we missed his Texas A&M money line pick yesterday. They lost as a 5 point fav.
  8. Give us some fades please
  9. I love betting golf as well and have collin, noren and Lowry on my card too among others. My bets total around $100 so I don't sweat nearly as hard as you.
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