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  1. I read an article on the guy. Definitely was a real bet. He was posting on Twitter during the game. Turned down 1.6 mil cashout from pointsbet.
  2. Shit was cheap today so I did some buying.
  3. How about a 2nd round loss?
  4. Lol nice Milwaukee Mike. I've been admiring her tight top on tv this afternoon.
  5. Closer to the track and downtown the better. Malta is your better play vs Albany, Latham, Schenectady. If you're really a horse geek, its worth ponying up for a hotel in town so you can be a part of the track energy morning through night.
  6. Finau winning back to back is gross. Tough loss GM
  7. Had a dream that this goes over. Take that for what you will.
  8. Was getting buried but scored out on the feature. Keyed the 10 and 8 in every which way. 12-1 over 6-1. Love to see it. Saratoga really is the ultimate sporting venue for a gambler/degen.
  9. I'll have boots on the ground today. Heading over in a bit.
  10. Just seeing this thread and I was on the le paz and klesaris horses too. Lol, rough start but losing money at Saratoga is still a fun hobby.
  11. Somehow I bet on both Cams. Hope one can pull it off but sooo much golf left.
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