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  1. Correct and it ain't even close Ponyboy.
  2. Blue


    The end game is nowhere in sight
  3. Blue


    What do you think he would be trying to sell?
  4. You're not kidding, my one buddy will drink about 12 mixed drinks and 5-8 shots and be on the golf course by 8am the next morning. When I go out with him I sleep til noon and am still drunk until about 4pm.
  5. I have a few friends that used to drink a 6 pack a night. They've now graduated to a 5th of Voka a night. No Bueno.
  6. hoops fan make a video pal, give us a current state of affairs @ TGF
  7. Ted should be asleep already, has to fix that busted pipe bright and early..
  8. I had a feeling someone mushed my Lakers bet.. Teddy "Eddie Mush" KGB
  9. You fix that busted pipe yet prick?
  10. Damn Ted, you're gonna let a slimy tout call you a moron?
  11. Every marine I know is an alcoholic.
  12. Nancy fuckin Drew over here
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