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  1. it was a prank most likely those idiots just sitting over there and filming not even screaming or saying anything if he would have taken a bite that would been teared right away how do you pull from both sides and not even tear it definately he had something in there does not look like blood that came flying
  2. U would pee on kolzig thats for sure
  3. Shes probably one of the best looking wnba players
  4. Id bang her pretty cute to me
  5. Man city wins and they are champions Liverpool 1 pt behind if man city draws or losses and liverpool wins then they are champions Both teams big favorites but the best lock out there
  6. Both must win Liverpool + man city ml 1k to win 400 Arsenal over 2.5 juice -170 I see Arsenal must win no matter what And everton came from behind 0-2 to win 3-2 and secure spot in premier league next season it was like winning the final They dont care now if they lose 100-0 Plus they played poorly at home but still won Looking at ov 3 3.5 4.5 5.5
  7. Maybe he was sick and tired of most of the blacks doing the shootings robberies assaults Guy put on his bullet proof vest put on a helmet took the weapons and just started shooting in the parking lot then went inside where he was shot by a security officer i believe but bullet proof vest had him covered then the security officer got shot not sure if hes one of the dead
  8. Looks like its a hate crime racist motivation
  9. I used to be good back in my younger years now i still play but not as good i won the championship in my country when i was like 12 years old
  10. Before we entered the water he was explaining everything to us then We went to the boat that was parked it was like 6-7 feet deep we dove in the water then we went to where it was 5-6 feet deep and did some exercises in shallow water we kept exercising doing things he told us after that we got on the boat and left i got some pictures and a video
  11. 20220512_143302.mp4
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