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  1. Fk who the fuck moves the lines fk this fixed bs Smu was +3 then moved to +1 in minutes Ducking over was 62 then moved to 64.5 Fk this bs
  2. it tells you that the game they were playing back then was much different
  3. The ball is larger in size, weighs more, and gives the pitcher much less control in that the seam of the ball is much smoother and the thread of same almost completely countersunk so as to be flush with the leather of the seam. The elasticity of the ball for small heights of fall, namely 13.5 feet, is practically the same. Offense exploded in those two seasons to the tune of 5.37 runs and 0.59 home runs per game. The 1930 season was particularly ridiculous, as Hack Wilson, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Chuck Klein all topped 40 home runs and the league's batting line was an absurd .296/.356/.434.
  4. i am saying the way those guys were pitching compared to today is a big land slide when guys throws the pitches ruth even walks 2 steps before hitting the ball how the hell you do that cuz those guys are throwing lolipups softballs not baseballs throwing at 60 mph anyone can hit even make 2-3 steps walking towards the pitch and hit it like baberuth does but try and hit 100 mph will see how easy it is
  5. maybe you have a point but still do you see how they throw the ball they have no combinations all they do is just throw the ball to the plate no curve ball no sliders , no splits , no cutter , just fastball the wind up and just throw the ball like 60-70 mph no power at all id like to see babe ruth hit like that when he sees the ball coming twice the speed
  6. you guys are smoking to much you should never ever compare eras from 100 years ago come on the game just evolved so much better those guys were not even throwing 100 mph they were just throwing like its softball completely different game and these guys like today not jacked up some some skinny farming kids
  7. he played vs farmers and whoever the hell they were if he played in this era hed be 0-30 ERA of 90 and batting average of 0.112
  8. i guess you get what you paid for! and he paid for death and he got it doing all those drugs what supposed to make you superman ? stupid really
  9. GB gonna steamroll...? stupid fuck hahaha what was that ? steam roll ? no more like they were getting steam rolled by a rookie QB GB were playing with their tails between their legs bunch of scums only show up when they need to show up like every weak opponent is a walk in the park
  10. fuck the mets even though i am a fan of them thats what they get for playing like shit they screwed me big time when they play the cubs at home the cubs were absolutely terrible team and mets were -300 game next game -400 and then they were -460 and every single game they scored 1 or 2 runs and got swept by the cubs for that i am happy they lost the division if they would have put a little more effort in those games they thought they won the division or something and did not really try and play like its their last game!
  11. I see you can count to 7 you stupid Hillbilly
  12. wow barely got through picked the Vikings in the survivor pool
  13. Of course you can that's because you play with a retarded book
  14. So buy half a point you cheap fuck
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