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  1. But he made the last team on monday this way you have a day to get as much $ to hedge Not like all the teams were playing at the same time or the last 2-3 teams Buffalo lost but guy at least hedged after betting like that im sure he has a ton of $ to hedge pretty sure he won at least 50-100k
  2. 2k parlay on 8 teams all spreads to win 200k last team was buffalo -5.5 1k parlay on 11 teams just ml to win 150k last team buffalo ml Hopefully guy did the right thing took loans and hedged at least 100k
  3. Maybe 4-5 teams not 15 or more plus their live wagering sux
  4. i play because they have big open parlays the best live wagering options out there just waiting for 5dimes to come out you dont live in america so for you its good
  5. yeah again grading my bets losers and i have to go to live chat to regrade them as winners fucking thiefs
  6. talking about the guys that won actually won really easy nobody came close to even losing
  7. i dont care about many centuries ago do you the generation really fking cares or even knows where this name comes from ? the first thing that they do is laugh and call names and make fun of it its just stupid nobody gives a fuck what happened long time ago especially this generation get a grip and know you are not in 1700 now you are in 2021
  8. His mom should have said i dont want ur last name its offensive should not have gotten married
  9. whoever took the last name should be ashamed why do you ever take a name like that
  10. They call him hooker i dont care about first or middle his name is printed HOOKER on back of jersey and thats what they call him and the commentators too
  11. Thats the reason why all these questions jokes making fun of that name just ridiculous stupid what people think of his parents
  12. The vols QB named hooker really thats some stupid parents why would u do that
  13. Because i dont believe it untill i see proof Always betting 100$ on biggest underdogs out there? Whats the reason
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