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  1. yeah KC ML! bitch Football - 257 Denver Broncos -155 for Game Football - 255 Minnesota Vikings -220 for Game Football - 259 Baltimore Ravens/Cleveland Browns Under 40 Buying 1½ Pt(s) -140 for Game Football - 274 Dallas Cowboys -265 for Game Football - 277 Kansas City Chiefs -400 for Game winner over 1k ! suck it
  2. stfu idiot i hit the big odds so i did not lose much stupid mfker and i hit the main bet for him to score a TD also
  3. dont understand why he has only 1 target while kirk has 10 targets and 6 catches at HT thats some bs
  4. Boom first Td scorer +750 And ov .5 Td
  5. My bus is a submarine jerk off
  6. guy got traded from the falcons and has been looking forward to this day so much after they suspended him and then traded Took all kinds of big odds and props Like over 2.5 tds +6000 , ov 1.5 , ov .5 Over 9.5 rec +1000 and 5.5 + Over in rec yards 60+ First scorer , parlayed td with kirk , etc, rob
  7. Cuz of other games some games instead of like +10 I get +10.5 or +17.5 If I would have had Georgia at pk or -1 I would have other games +8.5 or 13.5 +16.5 instead I get +10.5 , +14.5 , those extra points mean a lot
  8. I got Georgia +1 In teaser so you better watch what you say ass hole
  9. hes going to follow him untill the last 3-4 weeks! where he will have the opposite picks hoping hes going to go down or he will just pick his own picks hoping hes going to lose
  10. Jaxonville st -6.5 Kansas +16.5 Indiana +14 Notre dame -5.5 Nebraska +17
  11. Can't go wrong with Kansas Also auburn , miss st too can make noise
  12. No I'm just showing what a POS you are you dum fk
  13. Denver still got players to outmatch bears One word Wilson Denver gonna respond after that whoop ass And da bears is what the doctor just ordered
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