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  1. It was raining so the hands and ball are slippery you have an excuse there I had under 49.5 parlay for 900$ got fked dont know wtf happened last quarter some sick shit so many tds
  2. stop giving him props he wins 1 out of 10 guy deserves a beating
  3. Wtf is going on here with all the crypto gurus
  4. There wont be a winner will be many winners Last year we had 30 people left out of 900+
  5. its a must win game for ukraine otherwise they are out a draw would do no good in order to beat Finland they have to win and finland plays France and the only way Finland can punch a ticket is to beat France which might happen if France sits out e veryone and wont give a fk But ukraine have to win @ Bosnia -150
  6. Had texas ml -1000 when down 14 pts in 1q In a parlay fk cant believe this everyone else won
  7. Why are you trying to score with 26 seconds left and give miami a chance and almost could have a good chance to win Let the time off the clock you also have 2 time outs you only need around 10 seconds to run 3 plays not 30 seconds if u dont convert 2 pt ur fked
  8. You got to be kidding me wtf
  9. Dude i told you the total is low because like i said snow rain or really windy thats the reason the line was low but the conditions were really bad almost pulled it off in OT
  10. Really wtf https://fadeawayworld.net/.amp/nba-media/latrell-sprewell-i-told-you-i-needed-to-feed-my-family-they-offered-me-three-years-at-21-million-thats-not-going-to-cut-it
  11. The 71 is very low unless its snowing or really windy otherwise this line should be at least 90 points
  12. I thought u meant cameroon africa
  13. I live on the 1st floor and they live right above me and got a dog that barks a lot i dont care if it barks on the hours when everyone is at work or already home from work at night 5-6-7-8 pm but this dog barks at 1 am 2 am midnight 11 pm he goes out on the balcony and just barks non stop for a long hour now i get up and have a hard time falling asleep or when i wake up i feel fked up cuz of no adequate sleep We called and complained that the dog is barking now the manager from the community calls them and they say our dog does not bark and give me proof so couple days ago the dog did it
  14. What would have been the odds if u bet all those dogs if kc would have lost too
  15. that guy is 10 times bigger then everyone on that team bs should not happen
  16. U lost ur must win game in a parlay i assume stop being a pussy and be a man what happened to that thread
  17. Lmao what happened to ur must win games start making new threads with the same plays u dumb fuck
  18. No the quotes show what a stupid fuck you are and a dumb mfker
  19. Taking a shot on over 3 -140 Spartak is terrible on defense losing at home 4-3 to leicester then on the road 7-1 domestic league Leicester needs points and is perfectly opposing team to crush them
  20. You would not believe untill you saw the end has to be the top worst bad beats ever
  21. Why would not he be guilty he was the one driving dont understand whats there to look for
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