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  1. the vaccines are for the virus to not make you sick bad obviously its not 100% safe people still get it but its just so you dont get really sick or sick at all but becacuse the virus mutates and becomes stronger and stronger now they have to find ways to make vaccines stronger who wouuld have thought that this virus would mutatate 10 times and become stronger and stronger every year
  2. its because there are to many people in here crowded and they dont want the hospitals to be over crowded because as they say this virus is worser then delta and omicron and everything you put in and dont matter if you been infected or vaccinated if people dont take care of themselves everyone will be crying for a bed at the hospital
  3. the biggest one i hit was 30K but it was with 5dimes where i was hitting 17-20 teams on 17-22$ parlays the biggest parlays that i did not hit but i hedged with whatever i could was recentely on 110K parlay on 17 teams at 5dimes before they went down i had one team left Browns and Mayfield ML @ SF on MNF i had some help from Joey to hedge that bet a bit i was hoping cleveland would score first and have the lines closer to even to hedge bigger but SF went on a 21-0 run and i hedged a bit before the game and slightly at the start but that was it it was pointed to hedge a -1000 bet and i also had a 87 000$ bet where i had 1 team left which was basically almost a bad beat i ended up hedging and winning 12K that was also about 17 teams on 20$ bet Bet any Sports max parlay is 15 teams
  4. i lost with houston the other day also a parlay just like that i had 2 parlays with 2 open spots i took Houston +1.5 in one parlay and Arizona +2.5 yesterday in this parlay Houston was losing 5-4 in the 9th and gave up 2 runs and lost 7-4 Arizona +2.5 almost was a really bad beat was up 4-0 in the 5th and the guy was pitching a no Hitter next thing gives up 2 runs in the 5th then 2 runs in the 8th game is tied at 4-4 in the top of the 9th and Arizona bullpen blows up giving up 3 runs which could have been more now Arizona is losing 7-4 after i had them +2.5 i was livid and with very lucky hit bottom of the 9th 2 on and 2 out arizona gets a a base hit 7-5 but lose if houston covered +1.5 i could have had 2 parlays like this
  5. El crapo thats how you do it
  6. They got closed for US costumers cuz tony who got murdered was working illegally with the US . 5dimes had to pay off over 40 million for doinh illegal business with US now 5dimes will try and start from scratch and have a license with USA where they can provide legal gaming they said shortly but still nothing probably takes longer then they thought Tonys wife has taken the lead at 5dimes shes running the show now
  7. They do have props for bassball and you can parlay props too just not into open parlays I believe only on sunday night where they provide that
  8. The site has props but i cant parlay them on most occasions it sux not like 5dimes Plus it dont even provide live betting where i can make bets into open parlays like 5dimes This site sux compared to 5dimes I can do live betting and parlays on their live ultimate platform just not into regular parlays be4 the games
  9. had a nice Parlay Brewing had them +1.5 yesterday in an open parlay losing 5-4 in the 9th and gave up 2 runs damn it now with Verlander took them ML to close my 15 team parlay to win 5500$ now i can hedge on +2.5 on nice -115 odds
  10. high as # 3 yeah and why the fk he lost 9 straight games ? he won a major less then 2 years ago ? why he is on a 9 game losing streak vs bums ? what you got to say about that you little fucker bitch he lost 9 straight games what you got to say about that mfker ? fade material not ? this game was going into 3rd set milo fked up was up 5-2 in 2nd and just lost 5 s traight games dk wtf happened
  11. Milosic is +150 vs thiem Milosic far better shape right now guy has won couple tourneys and had a 10 match win streak and vs some ok players Thiem has a 9 game losing streak untill he starts winning and getting in form i dont see why he should be a -200 favorite Hes going down to +400 rating while milo is +200 ratings
  12. yes they were getting sick cuz they were not wearing masks dumb fuck!
  13. the mask wearing its just only at the time when everyone was getting sick and it was bad to protect the people but i guess you are one of those people who dont give a fk about any1 even probably your friends and your family if you would be sick you would go out there and make others sick just a selfish POS just like the others out there who have done it
  14. depends where you were going if you would go to the gym you would get thrown out if you would go to the hospital you would get thrown out if you would go on a bus you would get thrown out depending on the driver if you would go to a movie theather and so restaurant etc! i dont mean thrown out like taking you by your hair or by your shirt and kicking you in the ass while you fucking tumble down the street you would be asked to wear a mask if you not comply dont let the door hit you on the way out
  15. i guess the guy saw the mass shooting that happened yesterday in Denmark and he was like i wanna be like that guy i got a gun and i can do whatever i want
  16. thats when it was the peak people were not wearing masks then when it slowed down people started to let it loose and not wear it again then it kept going up again they were getting sick cuz they have their own lifes and do what they want when there are strict rules and people follow it there are results after the peak there was vaccination there were laws to follow where you had to wear a mask to enter a building to enter a gym to enter a supermarket and it was getting slowly under control but when new viruses came up and rules started to get loose and people were taking their masks off everywhere then people were getting sick again right now there are a lot more people vaccinated and the cases has been down pretty good even though you are still required to wear a face mask on transportation a lot of people started not to wear and i dont enforce it now as its pretty quite right now when things go out of control then there are things that needs to be adjusted because covid is not something oh i got it and thats it now i dont have it you are still fked up from that thing you still have effects even months maybe years after it you might not see it but there are
  17. i am not scared if i was scared i would not be working 24/7 on the bus with this virus i made the most money out of everyone because i worked the most i am working 13 out of 14 days and i am doing 19 hour shifts 16 hours 17 hours from morning to morning i work non stop and when every one was getting sick at work i was not getting sick at least half the drivers gotten sick thats at least 600 from 1400+ and that was when the virus was at its peak 1-2 years ago when everyone was getting sick left and right and i am driving the bus with sick people non stop and i still am and not stopping so dont tell me about being scared
  18. its just a matter of time when everything calms down not saying you have to wear it for the rest of you life if you dont understand then shut your pie hole when everyone is sick then you take precautions nothing hard about it just to bad you did not caught the virus and drop dead
  19. thats exactly what i mean if there would be very strict laws like possesing a gun if you do any harm should be locked up in jail if there would be no guns on the street it would be so much safer every time you see someone get shot cuz he said something or he did something there should be stricter laws at all if you own a gun to protect yourself then let it be but if you are try and shoot some1 cuz you are robbing him or he said something that you did not like should be locked up for life
  20. i am saying there should be a law not to posses guns thats all the more people have guns the more killings there are if there is a strict laws about having guns and receiving life sentences or lots of years in jail just for possessing them it will change everything people will give up their guns they will be afraid to use it cuz if they are caught with it unless you are a cop you should be locked up for life or max sentence everyone should feel safe
  21. they should make it strict laws if you have an illegal gun should be locked up for life if you are caught with one should face lots of year in jail i dont care if its for your own safety because thats what you say people are crazy and fked up they say this excuse but then go out and shoot people cuz they are fked up in their heads drugs , alcohol, stress, and so on
  22. waht u talking about kneegrow ? speak english
  23. Ruja ignatova from bulgaria known as the crypto queen FBI 10th most wanted fugitive on the list she defrauded people out of 4 billion in the biggest ponzi scheme She was running Onecoin scheme and scammed people
  24. I dont see a storm i see a penis picture
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