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  1. Oh its going to rent.!! Without a sermon...Thanks . If he wants to reveal , that's on him. Worked out the details and poster will get paid
  2. Some one has helped me out . God bless everyone , This IS a blessing
  3. Rent. Work all of a sudden downsized hours/schedule. Facing eviction I haven't gambled in a long while , nothing to do with that , despite the tag name I understand trust is an issue. Don't know what else to do. I work construction and work from home part time. Work has been lacking , but picks up in January .That is going to be too late If anyone can help. My # is available via pm. If anyone can help. I'm not a druggie, don't gamble.
  4. i'm not them. I haven't posted here in a while. . I'm reaching out for help , I knew there would be these type of remarks..Anyone that can help , I'm no stiffy . Have fun with this all you like, but I am asking very humbly , if anyone can help us. YOU WILL BE PAID IN FULL.
  5. Yes ,But, Get paid bi-weekly. Im in a jam and need help , guys. If anyone can help. I guess wrong place to ask , but most my family has passed .. ..but if anyone can help out , I'll pay more interest , whatever. Give my phone # ...
  6. Hah. Nope. 100 percent lock is ..will pay back in full.
  7. I need a small loan. $350 pay pal . Will pay back $400 within a month , probably less time I dont want to go to details. If anyone has in their heart to help me. I have a job . Will give my phone number in PM to whomever can help me and I can explain. This is not to gamble with. It's small bucks to some, and a lot to others... I've never met anyone on here..But this is a Christian speaking, Swallowing my pride here , If anyone can help.. PM me and I will give my phone number , This is not to save a simple fee . This isnt a snarky/joke post , I'm a man of my word. Whomever can help ,
  8. usually..yalls marketing team responds faster. lol
  9. * Startiing. The line looks like Alcaraz will win , Dont normally play dogs but like this one. Juice is ridiculous in tennis ...of course. Lets gooo
  10. So might want to fade this , but I like Oscar Otte +250 . Stsrting in 10 minutes
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