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  1. Oh its going to rent.!! Without a sermon...Thanks . If he wants to reveal , that's on him. Worked out the details and poster will get paid
  2. Some one has helped me out . God bless everyone , This IS a blessing
  3. Rent. Work all of a sudden downsized hours/schedule. Facing eviction I haven't gambled in a long while , nothing to do with that , despite the tag name I understand trust is an issue. Don't know what else to do. I work construction and work from home part time. Work has been lacking , but picks up in January .That is going to be too late If anyone can help. My # is available via pm. If anyone can help. I'm not a druggie, don't gamble.
  4. i'm not them. I haven't posted here in a while. . I'm reaching out for help , I knew there would be these type of remarks..Anyone that can help , I'm no stiffy . Have fun with this all you like, but I am asking very humbly , if anyone can help us. YOU WILL BE PAID IN FULL.
  5. Yes ,But, Get paid bi-weekly. Im in a jam and need help , guys. If anyone can help. I guess wrong place to ask , but most my family has passed .. ..but if anyone can help out , I'll pay more interest , whatever. Give my phone # ...
  6. Hah. Nope. 100 percent lock is ..will pay back in full.
  7. I need a small loan. $350 pay pal . Will pay back $400 within a month , probably less time I dont want to go to details. If anyone has in their heart to help me. I have a job . Will give my phone number in PM to whomever can help me and I can explain. This is not to gamble with. It's small bucks to some, and a lot to others... I've never met anyone on here..But this is a Christian speaking, Swallowing my pride here , If anyone can help.. PM me and I will give my phone number , This is not to save a simple fee . This isnt a snarky/joke post , I'm a man of my word. Whomever can help ,
  8. usually..yalls marketing team responds faster. lol
  9. * Startiing. The line looks like Alcaraz will win , Dont normally play dogs but like this one. Juice is ridiculous in tennis ...of course. Lets gooo
  10. So might want to fade this , but I like Oscar Otte +250 . Stsrting in 10 minutes
  11. the responses are fast on here...a real 'forum' ....................................................lol
  13. when you have to preface the post with honestly = dishonest
  14. 1. Cincinnati 2. Atlanta Team Total Points 3. Ja'marr Chase 4. LA Rams 5. Touchdown 6. Under 5.5 7. Under 8.5 8. Ja'Marr Chase 9. Under 76.5 10. Heads Tie Breaker = 51
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