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  1. Looks like you ordered extra grease too!!!
  2. Think Monkey is talking commercial farming.You probably worked at a hobby farm. The analytics on food production has changed dramatically since you were farming,it’s all about getting the product out as fast as possible now
  3. We keep our dairy cows a lot longer than the USA.The difference is only 12 months in the USA between meat cows and dairy cows.Here it’s probably 5 years
  4. Don’t know what the parameters would be for prime beef in USA but no way would dairy cows be prime meat in Canada Expensive Cuts like filet mignon and waygu are taken from young animals once a animal moves and ages the muscles and tendons cause the meat to become tough most of the dairy cows here are used for ground beef probably to McDonald’s
  5. Sleepy,been hitting Merlin up ,ever since the bathroom selfie’s PLB
  6. I will take the UNDER!!!
  7. My nickname for Raise and Runny are Rinse and Repeat
  8. First Doc Mercer,now Runny and Raise. What happened to freedom of speech!!!!
  9. If I had to guess,probably a flat roof and the gutters haven’t been cleaned for awhile.
  10. Well done,Hoops or should we call you Racquets!
  11. TMZ NEWS reports the rumours were started by Eddie Haskell,when asked why he would do such a thing,Eddie replied “I was just giving Wally “the business “.
  12. Greek salad in the summer is the best
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