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  1. Only way Joey loses is if he swings him out early headhunting,I imagine Brock has a hard head.Body shots Joey ,those wings have a cumulative effect on brock’s pear figure
  2. Dingo


  3. Yea, that’s wigger wear. Mine is the classic Adidas black with white pinstripes.
  4. Gold chain pot belly Wife with fake tits,20 years younger cheap rug
  5. Watching Jeopardy right now,Rodgers as good as any other replacement so far if not better
  6. Got an Adidas track suit for Christmas one year,I wear the jacket as a windbreaker when I golf and the pants when I warm up before playing tennis.I never wear them together,don’t be like those people that dress up to ride their bicycles .
  7. We our a lumber based economy here and I don’t see a shortage of trees,possibly a bottleneck in manufacturing.Gouging if you ask me as our mills are running 3 shifts again. As far as perc test some unsavoury developers here have been caught loading the hole with gravel so it drains in time Places have flooded because of that
  8. Zoning in the adjacent neighborhood,if you are building for yourself.Be wary if there is commercial industrial property nearby because they could put almost anything there that might destroy your property values either because of noise or type of business e.g. garbage company
  9. The cost of building has gone way up,look at the lumber prices etc. Doesn’t come in to play too much here but where houses cost 70 K I can see it being a big factor
  10. The strategic placed Magnum condom and bag of Blow worked. Well played Mike,well played
  11. From Mission BC,about 3 hours from Vancouver Great goal scorer and decent fighter
  12. I actually wanted The Hitman Hearns to beat Hagler,RIP Marvin
  13. Dingo


    Lol,This forum where is fuckface Toby
  14. Jorge is a lot more tolerant than I would have been.
  15. +1 she encouraged me to buy Bitcoin 4 years ago even though I was quite hesitant for months
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