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  1. Make a trip to the poker room every time I visit family in West Allis
  2. No worries. I'll try and hang around more. Although it's a constant reminder of the 5 points I missed not getting my plays to trip on time :shoot
  3. You're joking right? I have had an account there for four years and got 5 free payouts. 5 free payouts in 4 years is overly generous? I just spoke to someone again to try and confirm what I had been told earlier this week which was that if I made 10 bets within the next 30 days I would be considered active. I was told tonight I need to make at least one bet every day for 30 days. So..... At first there was no set amount, it was just their opinion that one bet was not enough Then it was 10 bets in a 30 day period Now it's one bet per day for 30 days Oh, and none of this is listed in their rules. Yes, not making things up as they go whatsoever
  4. Ironically I got a call from Neal at Skybook trying to get me to deposit. I told him about this and he told me they'd had a big turnover in management and had really "trimmed the fat" around the office so I shouldn't expect those types of problems anymore. I told him this happened on Friday, he said he'd get back to me tomorrow.
  5. I made two separate threads praising Betmania at SBR. One was when they gave me a $25 free play for informing them of a line error. Another was when they changed a teaser from a loss to a win when I pointed out their rules stated that win + tie= win. They yielded and then changed the rule.
  6. If it comes to that I'll bet 25 on all those props they cut me on. I better get clarification on exactly how many bets I need since that's a matter of their opinion. I'm still going to call out a place that's twisting the rules in their favor and creating a headache for me.
  7. I have no problem paying a fee. I pay 40 for every Topbet check I get and have no issues with it. I have a problem with books twisting rules however they please in order to benefit themselves. They've cut me to 250 on major sports and 25 on everything else so losing them would not be a loss.
  8. In their rules regarding free payouts, it says the account "must be active for at least 30 days". I have made one bet in the past 30 days, so they told me I am not eligible because "one bet is not enough". No where in their rules does it say how many bets need to be made in the 30 day period. Nevermind the fact that this rule is poorly written in the first place. "Must be active for at least 30 days" would imply a new player must play for at least 30 days before a free payout is granted. "A player must be active for the 30 days prior to payout request" would be correct. Having in writing how many wagers they would like instead of leaving it up to the employees opinion would be nice too. I used to have nothing but good things to sat about Mania but it's been one headache after another with them the last year or so.
  9. Excellent point as to why most shouldn't use Kelly. For me, flat bet if it's my own work, Kelly if I'm pricing something against the market
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