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  1. I.e China holds 70% + of the world's btc
  2. Yea it is very difficult to speculate. But sometimes what happens in China is an indicator of whether it will rise or fall.
  3. Then you can convert it back to btc when you make your profit obviously.
  4. Someone at nitro said to grab lite coin right now because it is going to rise in the next few days.
  5. Mine said 1500 instant though. But I hardly use it.
  6. No value and scherzer can be hit especially against division rivals. Nationals offense is anything but consistent.
  7. Team has given up. Made a lot of money during their nose dive. Pitching is terrible.
  8. Heh totals in any sport are pretty sharp,
  9. I play at nitrogen and the max to win on a parlay is pretty low, 50 BTC. They should adjust this accordingly with the fluctuations of Bitcoin.
  10. I mean once things got better, the price of Bitcoin dropped significantly. So there may be some connection.
  11. They are offering a 100% bonus up to $1000 right now.
  12. Bloc gain wallet is the best to use. I want to learn how to do cold storage on your computer.
  13. I think young will take a set against wawrinka. Or you could take the spread +7.
  14. Most sports books take Bitcoin now so it would be great to have some contests with it.
  15. It is a very good virtual currency for gambling. Fast deposits and fast withdrawals.
  16. Who would the Raiders get in return for Mariota ? Carr has not impressed so far. Strong arm but still making poor decisions. You cannot take this long in the NFL to get "adjusted". Carr really needs to prove himself in this last month and half otherwise the Raiders need someone at QB desperately.
  17. Developed a strange obsession of smelling new text books in college. Every 5 minutes. Just loved that new paper smell. I don't know what the fuk that was about.
  18. Most of the time nothing when I do a web search. I go to google images and I see photos of some of them.
  19. lmao I heard in Arab countries women are so sexually restrained that there are rare cases where they gang rape a guy.
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