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  1. Dude was doin yoga mat shit in the only area where one may realistically deadlift. Bruh, the entire exercise studio is open for that shit.
  2. Vivian @muchnerve mentally sick physically thick commie programmer. tweets about politics, STEM, & skincare. there will also be shitposts & hornyposts. she/her
  3. SportsFanGirl @SportsFanGirl22 I’m in W/ my LEO! Pro 1A & 2A #NRA Member Back the BLUE 100%
  4. beth jewel @alienriots they/them ✰ CSU Fresno 23’ ✰ 19 ✰ 5’0 ✰ mestiza ancom ✰ §landback now; BLACK LIVES WILL ALWAYS MATTER ✰ @sociscool IG: itsbethjewels
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