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  1. Lets the Chiefs defense keep their asses on the bench instead of going out for one more drive.
  2. A lot of elated/livid bettors after that ending.
  3. Once I'm done blasting my pecs. 😛
  4. Can't we all just get along, regardless of our sexual preferences?
  5. I'd like to do a line of coke off Brock Landers' GUT.
  6. Fuck fan safety. I live for line drives heading for my sternum. Cut the netting.
  7. Would rather eat Amy Klobuchar's ass.
  8. Bring back the ALLIANCE of American Football!
  9. Hell naw. Dem broads gotta stop spreadin their legs so easily.
  10. You made the baby- it's your responsibility, bitch.
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