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  1. Just need JoeyB to complete the Eiffel Tower.
  2. We keep it rockinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  3. Lucky Mud @dreadpiratejene NB she/they. Disabled, Autistic, Queer. Vice President of Antifa, part time sex worker. Intersectional or GTFO
  4. How many other states can claim to have a Johnny Rockets, a Panda Express, a Starbucks and 2 Caribou Coffees under 1 roof? Stay mad.
  5. Kinda high today. No cuts or bruises, though. Much gratitude for your concern.
  6. Zach Parise on pace for ELEVEN goals this season.
  7. Some GREAT prices on tickets to get into tomorrow's Twins/BoSox game. A forecasted high of 37 to boot. May have to fake some food poisoning.
  8. Sano now batting .091 with a .432 OPS. He'll probably get injured before he gets demoted.
  9. Costco near me sells 4 different types of heartburn medications but none for diarrhea.
  10. If I take and it and have no negative reaction - great! If it shrinks my balls or I go deaf, I file a lawsuit or go on disability and never work another day in my life. Seems +EV to me.
  11. Just got a text from the state to take the juice next weekend.
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