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  1. Looks like a used Condom next to a dirty tissue
  2. He put a $100k bail for that kid that blasted off in Kinosha.
  3. He went way over the total but I still need the history if anyone has it, think I got hoodwinked by a guy thanks
  4. Tigerdroppings.com ???? Is that from that show on TV? WTF is this world coming too
  5. Seems like a guy that could def afford a hundy burger a week for 6 weeks.......Prob had a sales job that went tits up after Covid. That said, $50/wk for 12 weeks and no one would have said a word. Everyone gets in a jam at some point, just man up
  6. You gotta be a real jerk off to start a thread like this
  7. Not a good day for Swig....Im 0-3 and have a steam bet on KC 2nd half which will lose as well
  8. That's a fair assesment..i'll take the slam like a man and move on. Lame duck closer i am. Fair.
  9. Google cock in your ass ....." 5 star reviews bro!" " saw it on the internet!' LOL
  10. - Mrs. House -"Hey hun, what is this Swigger.jped file on our desktop?
  11. Lets stuff a Prime Strip roast with garlic- Said no one ever
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