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  1. Plus, Do you think I would say anything if I got that message. Im the one who called him out. Plus, I told KINGER to take a $100 off money I won for doing all the work. Then I found out he owed me and wasn’t doing shit!!
  2. Been on my phone all day becuz computer got a virus!!
  3. That’s because I just got the message!!
  4. I don’t deal in bitcoin. I have a local now and also only a 2.5 hour drive to Vegas.
  5. Let Spotsj play on credit. He’s trying to win so he can pay me.
  6. SPORTSJ only one not to pay me!!
  7. Im sorry, I didn't know we had to get a hold of players who owed us. I never played in a league where you pay after its over. I did message Sportsj. He probably forgot about paying!!
  8. Here is a better one for you. I told him last week to take a $100 off my winnings for him for doing all the work but I didn't know we had to chase down the people that owe us and he's one of them!!
  9. It’s the REV AND SPORTSJ but REV is very busy with family and haven’t heard from SPORTSJ.
  10. Im waiting for 2 to pay but figure they are hurting because of Christmas. They might have many kids and the kids should come first,
  11. Just got home and thanks. Looks like I got paid from: 1. Sundae Driver 2. tomoro Newspaper 3. Balco 4. Mike 99
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