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  1. Nothing sexier than a conservative women. Within range is Japanese, Korean, Thai, Flips, and Russians
  2. Market up cuz they know Trump still President another 4 brotha. Stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it!
  3. What a disaster TGF is now. Harder then usually to navigate.
  4. Liberalism is a mental disorder! This new look sucks balls!
  5. The Deep State plot was to assassinate Trump under ground at WRH.
  6. Wallace is an Arden Biden supporter. Amazing how all the mods are libtards.
  7. LOLs! Not even sure this warrants a reply, but jfc get a clue as Foxnews has been a majority far leftist network for awhile now.
  8. Anyone who thought Trump lost last night is an idiot. Anyone who wears a wire to be coached is incompetent to be president.
  9. Dems thought they were clever last night. Sleepy Joe was clearly coached. Anyone see his ear piece and hardware on shirt and sleeve? Trump was clearly more energetic and organic. Don’t see how he isn’t -185 this morning. Plus $ is a gift.
  10. I bet majority of those generals are part of the Deep State or could be simply fake news.
  11. That is alarming because Obama gutted our military and Trump rebuild it with zero wars. Oh and Obama got rid of the generals that opposed him.
  12. Most overrated player in history.
  13. I completely tuned out of sports. Don’t think I’ll missed it either.
  14. Best running thread at TFG. 233 pages
  15. Boat are you still having doubts we’re still not in a Civil War yet?
  16. Balco


    I can see them gearing up for a civil war.
  17. Balco


    HHHHow dear you insult Michelle Obama.
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