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  1. Rock Solid so the record is your stat or the teams' stat? ( or technically both if you bet it every time )
  2. Buy my play on Gonzaga at pick
  3. MissDemeanor and LickingButts & SuckingWieners came again to visit, how sweet.
  4. Bad calculations as if Zaga wins by 5 or more not a good outcome with the point spread so, likely back to some $ on Baylor + the money line
  5. Zags are favoured which is great news. Can lay off some of the contest winning potential with a wager on Baylor hoping for a middle win/push by taking only +4 at +100 line ( not +4.5 ). Not wimping out for some +173 M/L on Baylor where $175 guarantees a $300 win either outcome. The +4 even secures $500 and a middle chance. Getting the $ back from the book though costs $$. Can;t come out perfectly ahead here if not at a real ( non virtual ) sportsbook.
  6. I watched the 2nd half and OT of my 1st game of this NCAA tourney. What a finish! Maybe there's more magic for Gonzaga on Monday
  7. I know as much about basketball ( let alone NCAAB ! ) as MLB yet it didn't keep me from entering an OSGA's contest ( free ). Today I rcvd an email with a link to check the standings ( 1st time this whole tourney I have checked ) and this is what I read: With two legitimate longshots still alive in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the OSGA Bracket Challenge is still up for grabs. Though many aspects of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament have been different with the one day of play-in games and the altered days of the week, March Madness has still prov
  8. PPProfessorProfessorProfessorProfessor
  9. Dead on call! well done
  10. The LV Knights games should be cxld. Makes no sense as others going to spread the variant
  11. I would believe that to keep a forum afloat requires that it's users do not cross lines that can damage the reputation of a sponsor through the affiliation. Shame a government party, ruler or your country under communist leadership and a site's owner will be put away in some hard labour camp, if not executed. Posters who discredit a ruling party will be collected and imprisoned. Start with inciting riots, threats, racism, hate, etc. and you will be outed. I sense the sponsor here does not wish to be connected to any nasty postings in this free country
  12. Try Costco for coffee options
  13. NHL and politics do not mix
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