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  1. I'm selling the Habs short for their next 10 games as I expect to see management scrambling in early season panic mode. A familiar sounding EOG post "Bimmer, every trend you posted has a way too small sample size to hold any real meaning, and a few of them are flat out silly, not trying to be a dick, just being honest" ) MY REPLY: I did not post any trend here that was to relate to the current troubles the Habs are facing. I only posted what Covers.com had supplied when you looked at their game matchup report, which totally ignored the fact that the
  2. Brings tears to my eyes but silence is not always golden. After checking out Covers.com, I noticed the below Totals trends where they fail to mention a key side trend that the Habs are winless for years vs SJ. Trends Over is 3-0-1 in Sharks last 4 overall. Over is 5-0 in Sharks last 5 Tuesday games. Over is 5-0 in Sharks last 5 vs. a team with a losing record. Sharks are 0-6 in their last 6 road games. Sharks are 1-7 in their last 8 when their opponent scores 2 goals or less in their previous game. Under is 3-0-2 in Canadiens last 5 overall. Under is
  3. There shoud be new rules implemented that will control for game score manipulation opportunities with so much legalized wagering out there. When there's a game total of 5.5, 6.5 or 7.5 for example and the outcomee is teetering on such number, once there's a 2+ goal diff, pulling the goalie should be eliminated.
  4. TB flop Seattle fought Vegas to roll big with Pacioretty performances as per ysdty
  5. 'Cary'less and 'Shea'less = not looking good at the start for The Habs
  6. 2 venues that need some cooling down Vegas and Tampa start it out tmrw. Tip of the day: Seems I recall a lot of expansion teams manage to get a freebie win in their franchise opener so I figure it's a good time ( if ever any ) to put a few $ on Seattle at +190. ( Vegas won their opener and now its their turn for some payback. ) Seattle Kraken - Vegas Golden Knights Money Line – OT Incl. – NHL Seattle Kraken +190
  7. Canadian Thanksgiving today. We behead the birds earlier here to keep them from the chills of early November The Canadian geese are already on their way south
  8. I sweated out my survivor pools with Minni and New England as sure fire losses
  9. More surprises to come no doubt It aint't over till..................
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