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  1. I know it is a bad joke .It looks like San Jose players want to eat good food .
  2. ML @1.26 pinnacle - 1.0 @1.37 -1.5 @1.67 GL.
  3. Both QB,s Under . Total Completions - Carson Wentz Under 20.5 @1.87 bodog Reasoning .Google "Jalen Hurts could be in for a big role in prime time" The Philadelphia Eagles plan to give their rookie backup quarterback his highest snap count so far this season Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Carson Wentz reportedly won't be on the field during Hurts' increased playing time, a change of pace from the rest of this season. Hurts, 22, has carried the ball 12 times, made one catch, and attempted two passes in 2020; Wentz was on t
  4. ^^^ Anytime bro .You are a good guy Jim !
  5. 30Nov Bolivia Division Profesional 16:15 San Jose - The Strongest The Strongest to win @1.67 bookmaker(low limits $193 CAD) . Bodog 1.62 The Strongest -0.5 -1.0 @1.83 bookmaker(low limits $156 CAD ) .Bodog no spread available .marathon -1.0 @1.92 . Bookmaker @1.67 the highest odds available across the board EU books included. Bolivia just resumed league play round 2 after 8 months break. Stats round 14 . Anyway San Jose is a great club -Once was. The problem started in 2019 when the owner stopped paying wages to players ,at the end of the year 2019 most of them left . Le
  6. 18 Oct Basketball China CBA 08:00 Zhejiang Guangsha - Shanghai Zhejiang Guangsha -2.5 @1.97 marathon Over 196.5 @ 1.88 pinnacle
  7. Basketball China CBA 23:00 Jilin - Nanjing TongxiOver 190.5 These 2 teams played H2H 12 times every time they did go over the #. https://www.flashscore.com/match/IgYzIEy5/#h2h;overall Makes you wonder why books set this total so low ? Hehehe .Thing is flashscore doesn't show the pre season games . Both teams played 2 games and both of them Under . Books are making big mistake here ,and in one other game .Pre season in China is 10 min a quarter in stead of 12 min regular season
  8. 5-0 Till 05:16 you could of grub them at even odds, pinnacle closed -1.0 @1.42 most of the books -1.0 @1.35 .Tells you on how much books know outside of the major leagues . I am surprised it took them this long to catch with the odds .Ment to say on the news with Deportivo Cuenca situation .
  9. Keep the profits ! 14 Oct Ecuador, Serie A 17:00 Liga de Quito vs Deportivo Cuenca Liga de Quito -1.0 @2.00 bodog . Deportivo Cuenca is in big financial trouble players hadn't been paid in 6 months ,practically all of them left the team .Liga de Quito in Ecuador equals to Bayern Munich in Germany . Easy money for a home win . Saturday, 17 Oct Italy Serie A 14:45 Crotone - Juventus Juventus -1.0 @1.83 bodog Ronaldo has a covid 19 OMG . Odds on Portugal to win up from 1.45 to 1.80 ,Juventus champs league game against Dinamo Kiev up from 1.47 to 1.77
  10. With so many starters out for the Titans ,i just can't see the Bills losing this game .Titans allow a league worse 5.8 yards per rush attempt and 166 yards per game. Singletary should get enough carries to keep Allen under.
  11. Odds dropped long time ago ,so It was no use to bump this thread .
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