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  1. VID_20221201_000511_229.mp4 My new favorite video.Kiev everyone is yelling at each other and no one knows wtf is going on. Think about it is just a beginning,not even cold yet.
  2. VID_20221130_233109_003.mp4 VID_20221130_233109_053.mp4 Johnny Miller, British journalist writes: As a British journalist, it is difficult for me to get to the front line in the Russian army. But perhaps with some Donbass militias. Yesterday our position was fired from a grenade launcher. Ukr just 100 meters. Here is a window of what is happening on the Russian side, on the outskirts of Donetsk. The most shocking aspect of my experience was that many soldiers told me that they felt like they were fighting in the early stages of World War III.
  3. You are absolutely right ! Group G: What each team needs to qualify for the round of 16 of the World Cup? https://en.as.com/soccer/group-g-what-each-team-needs-to-qualify-for-the-round-of-16-of-the-world-cup-n/
  4. Those who took +1.5 at +102 will be able to buy it back at around +130 +150.Free money. +102 was the bodog odds other books had them as high as +115
  5. VID_20221130_121408_751.mp4 "We couldn't get him with the drones, so I had to come and kill him". Whatever that means, could be a sniper talking.
  6. VID_20221130_171317_054.mp4 A column of Turkish armored vehicles Kirpi APU at the front At least a couple of dozen of these vehicles have already been destroyed in the battles by our fighters, but as you can see, the Turks handed over quite a lot of them. It is reported that the footage shows the 35th Naval Infantry Brigade of the Ukrainian Navy.
  7. VID_20221130_173519_836.mp4 🇺🇦🤡Zelensky: Over a trillion dollars is needed to restore Ukraine Recall that the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, counted “only” 600 billion euros in damage.
  8. Footage from Ukrainian soldiers. Armored vehicle took direct hit from the tank, driver is dead passenger lost his arm. VID_20221130_164654_355.mp4
  9. Russians took Mayorsk city. The capture of Mayorsk will allow more actively developing the offensive against Artyomovsk and Dzerzhinsk. Key roads in the east go through Mayorsk VID_20221130_164229_674.mp4
  10. The whole western society is a sewer now, with no values for anything. Robbing people broad day light, looting stores,cities full of homeless, ghettos unsafe neighborhoods.It's like you own an exclusive rights for the life crimes. 🤷‍♂Civilization, damn it 🤣 Migrants in France robbed bus passengers while they were on the move. They pulled out their luggage and fled. VID_20221130_153044_700.mp4
  11. Average odds for +1.5 down to - 125. Cameroon to win from +1225 to +758.
  12. ^^^Video will not upload. VID_20221130_115947_953.mp4
  13. Look how many of them here, we have to walk on them. VID_20221130_010410_532.mp4.mov
  14. Mike and Ursula von der Leyen spreading Russian propaganda. - Pedo-Nazi Bigdumber VID_20221130_092035_282.mp4 Nice marble graves,at the expense of US taxpayers.
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