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  1. How Putin's WAR STRATEGY is KILLING Europe and US? : War Strategy Case study ( Russia vs Europe)
  2. Great article. Tnx for posting. https://bioclandestine.substack.com/p/russian-mil-accuses-us-of-staging
  3. 3-2 push. Lodz gave up 2 goal lead.
  4. UEFA Champions League Women 14:00 RSC Anderlecht W - UKS SMS Lodz W UKS SMS Lodz W +1 @-115 heritage
  5. Mariupol VID_20220818_105110_961.mp4 VID_20220818_104917_543.mp4
  6. That's nothing nada ^^^ 16 August 2022 Zooaphilia pride march in Germany. Listen what this mentality ill retard has to say. Same video bellow. Twitter may take that video out, you never know. VID_20220817_235753_815.mp4
  7. Remember this video from 4 months? Ukranians accused Russians killing 600 people, the building "Mariupol Philarmony theater" is completely distroyed. 4 months later. Woo-hoo look at this Philarmony building is fixed. New home for the Tribunal of Azov nazi members. Cages being build.. Building looks great from the outside, interior is amazingly beautiful.
  8. Odessa public beach. 2 people dead 2 badly injured. Ukrainian nazis planted mines everywhere bet you they don't even know where those mines are.
  9. Shame on you! You didn't know that ? That low life skunk Shari is really something , OMG that SBR bash and her wearing $10 dollar dress( walmart would be 5th avenue) . What was the name of the NHL player she was engaged to ? Chris Pronger ? Well that's according to her , holocaust chicks look like Super models compere to her and i am not trying to be funny . Her pics were posted on peeps place , can't find them now .
  10. Hahaha. I was gonna make a post here on how dirty they are in regards of the book . For two days i have fallowed that thread , you are 100% accurate ! I did ..NOW and SB... for 5 years in the row and never had a problem . If you do search on SBR , they were trying to discredit both books for some time(you know that) . From day One ..NOW got in business they have try to discredit book (..Now is a rebranded B ROYAL). How do i know that i had an account with them and was offered to sign with ..NOW . SBR back then knew ..NOW is a part of SB.. but for whatever reason chose to withhold that info from the players .Most likely they were hoping to squeeze some $$$ out of them for the rating . SBR played stupid ,they wouldn't acknowledge ..NOW is apart of SB.. . As of late i would think they gave up on getting any $ off the book , so here come all negative . LOL . They got no shit on both books , nothing to back there theories .Both books pay no complains . PS. They put me on review years ago , anything i try to post doesn't go trough . At first 1 in 3 posts would go trough , now absolute 0 . The whole gang bang of SBR is absolute scum ! Lol what a fiasco for ones a great forum , rebranding it self to US oriented books . Rated them all B in hopes they'll get some $ for an A . Hahaha . US books don't need them , each state has regulatory bodies and commissions to settle any issues . They have yet to get any legit complain on US books that SBR would resolve over governing body . That "B.. Review" they bought of British owner is not exactly working out .The revenue has to be down by X10+ . F.. them don't post their , less knowledgeable info less traffic to them , less traffic less income to these low life scums .
  11. Check your mail Mike . If any problem let me know. Cheers.
  12. Gattuso is one of my favorite defenders all time. Beast yes he could stop any attacker in his trucks. He was defenitly heart and soul of team Italy defense.
  13. Congrats Jim $60 million USD will we have a poker tournament. What's the prize money?
  14. Cheers 😎. ^^^. It didn't take long for PSV to respond 78 min 2-2
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