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  1. pain......have had two neck surgeries the last 10 years. Pretty much live in constant pain. That's the only gripe I've got with growing older. I've enjoyed every chapter so far. I am not looking forward to my folks passing away.
  2. Mr. NBA


    sbg global group nice website.....nice cash bonus.....terrible re-load offers....dont play in casino if you accept a bonus. (they will tie up the money in monster casino roll) I busted out in one night......nice limits allowed it to happen
  3. Stick to past posting.....you're better at that. No Shade...BOL....
  4. then he posts something like this........lol
  5. I honestly feel bad for Hank.......not joking. I try to put myself in his shoes and literally feel ill when I do. Hope the young fella figures it out soon before the revolver.
  6. I enjoy VSIN a great deal......Listen to their banter every chance I get.
  7. I have never seen somebody hit so many micro bets.....then up his bet just in time for a fire sale. It's remarkable to watch over and over and over. The old saying .....missed the wedding, but made it for the funeral.
  8. Sent to NBW.......Merry Christmas everyone and congrats to the winners.
  9. Somebody please explain tailing and fading to the TGF resident dipshit.
  10. Tell me where my $200 worth of PP should go.....I'll check in periodically.
  11. truth......somebody with a clue has entered the discussion
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