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  1. Two slut daughters ready to take Black cock like their mommy and House loves it....jerks off to it....what a POS
  2. Your whore wife needs new dick
  3. House picks wife uses Black nut sacks for a mask... Soon to be his daughters who will no doubt follow in their whore mommy’s footsteps Funny that House admitted all this at Whales but now back peddling He used to brag about watching
  4. More like you when your first date in your camper stuck in in your butt
  5. House.....what did the basketball team get their team mom (your wife) cock or candy?
  6. I meant 2ply Heeyyyoooooo!!!!!!!!!
  7. FW sent IAG a Valentine card today.... -450 Ph aggot can’t find a chick while playing wedding singer on the wkends so has to chase that skank around
  8. Ain’t going call FW a commie but will call him a fvcking idiot, dipshit runs around all proud for not voting, how many other retards from his state didn’t vote and cost Trump the presidency? Fvck all Trump haters.....dude was and is The GOAT!!!
  9. I can see Joes resume he sent to get his latest job... Dear Dad, can I have a job as your VP? - Thanks, your son Hammer
  10. Easy to think your smart Hammer because you started on 3rd base at daddies corporate office and thought you hit a triple...
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