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  1. Black players have never dominated baseball, like they have basketball and football.....why should we think that Top Blacks who thrived against Black players also do the same against Whites?
  2. What’s this have to do with your next fake internet gambling forum boyfriends?
  3. Wow , that sucks......hahahaha
  4. Hahahaha.....keep trying Shleprock
  5. Thanks for the advice Hammer....do you pay your debts? Do people give a fvck what you say ?
  6. JD seems like one of the nicest guys on the planet and is very talented.....but besides W2W he also seems to be snake bit more then anyone here.... I’m half a retard and a jerk but damn do I have God on my side... Glad you are your wife are ok JD....
  7. Top 10 stiffs... 1. Clippersfan.....was that his name? Heard 150k 2. Dimesayeronly....110k 3. Pats nephew....50k-150k 4. Tuckman....25k 5. Shrink....175k 6. The guy who stiffed Whale? Forgot his name but also a bookie who IAG still plays thru so tell you about her integerity....50k 7. Yikes.....10k 8. Brock.....Endless 9. Mofo....35k 10. Peep....draft Dodger and mega stiff 100k+ 20154. Ted 2k and disputed
  8. One big difference.....I’m first ballot and those guys are scrubs
  9. Downer has been paid in full....IE Zero He broke the rules and didn’t follow instructions... Ted....Turn the casino off Downer Downer...not til you tap
  10. I got a phone call for the first time...made a claim for ear buds not holding a charge....I got a email that was followed up with a phone call...I didn’t answer but listened to the message....replied to the email that I got my products mixed up...haven’t heard since
  11. It had to do with Mexicans....forgot what it was called but maybe ‘Dreamers’
  12. House is a fat fvcking slob...every meal he has comes with a full cube of butter and endless carbs....protein only outside of that Never a fiber in sight....constipated to the point his belly looks 10mo pregnant
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