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  1. Sam, have you ever hidden an ace in your chili bowl to cheat at cards?
  2. Teddy kgb


    I really can’t understand on any level someone wearing those shoes in public….he has to be a cuck, no way no how there’s another reason his wife would let him out of the house in those unless it was a signaling
  3. Teddy kgb


    Can u imagine not only wearing a shoe with some other guys name on it but having it read on the shoe to respect the dudes name… You couldn’t pay me to wear those shoes, wife would kill me
  4. Good call on Uncle D He makes the list at #6 and ranks #1 as poster Power Bottom….
  5. The X is by far the dumbest poster of all time , he’s so fvcking stupid he thinks he’s smart, brain dead Dope head… Try 3 is a bonafide fvcking idiot that flys under the radar but ain’t fooling me, he’s a dipshit dope head. Cheap seats at EOG is a retart The guy that mowed lawns and has razor teeth who lived behind a church and put a basketball court in his backyard 10’ from his neighbors window and played on Xmas morning and didn’t see a problem with it was another idiot Casiuos Clay at peeps eats paint chips still as an adult that’s my Top 5
  6. Never understood why wings are so popular…..just not my thing I guess. When they are ordered at a table I’m at I’ll eat up the carrots and celery, leave the wings alone
  7. I don’t have any fast food apps….what are the best?
  8. Years ago I didn’t think u had a chance at life, I still liked u but thought you’d never change. It’s great to see the life change for the better….congrats
  9. Whoaooo Card table Bam-a-Lam Same lunch table Bam-a-Lam Sam Losco made some chili Bam-a-Lam Sam Losco had a card game Bam-a-lam Whhoaaoo Same table Bam-a-lam Whhoaaoo Same table Bam-a-Lam Hahahahajahahahaaja!!!!!!!
  10. Even Boatdummy BamaLam could hav been better…..I can write great skits on paper I’m just not much of a performer
  11. The Sleepy wallet line was top shelf…. But overall i agree not that great… Raise was creepy and way too long
  12. The bedroom scene was written like Spielberg but I could only get what I could out of the wife….surprised I convinced her to do that much
  13. XYZ gave out 2k for posters to make tik tok videos about Brock…..pretty sure he can cover his debts in JF
  14. Did Pat Bateman and Wade lose their application in the mail? Or DOA? Or are u gay?
  15. Pre season power rankings are always a joke…just pick the teams from last year. JVille Will the biggest surprise this season and they might just win it all…. Once in a decade QB, 155m spent on FA’s…and a new HC
  16. I’d love to book this liberal square action…
  17. Can we get Computer Bob to back check this record….something seems ‘Off’
  18. Well then I guess we both won’t get voted in to JF
  19. Don’t get mad at me dude, I got no problem with you but you’ve never been able to control yourself and it’s not like the group in there doesn’t know that…. If you dont see that as the issue most will have and nothing to do with will you pay or not then you aren’t very aware of yourself
  20. The guys and girl in juice free seem to be level headed business minded people, pretty sure they don’t want to be asked if they’re Gay 25x on a NFL Sunday when they are trying to get down their bets.
  21. Why did Match Book fail? Seems to be the footprint for Juice Free except for the small fee…-101 odds on everything football and basketball, book makes $1 for every $200 wagered. No employees, no overhead, bets get matched or they don’t …..seems like free money
  22. Pretty sure you read that wrong…..FH said you would NOT get a No vote from him
  23. You mthrfvkr……that was good
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