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  1. One sticky that you open to view the 10 other stickies? This would appease the posters and Boat3 I would think....a separate sub forum doesn't work for Boat and scrolling down for 15 minutes doesn't work for the posters...
  2. So far these 3 I don't like... Hedge Chickadee Harvardcris One needs to be cut for Teddy to feel at home......ill PM one of them and call them in my office
  3. I how about a pizza with ice cream toppings?
  4. Legends like me don't post in sub forums...leave that shit for hacks like Brokebaker..l
  5. Ok let me try again.......a lot of you fvcks done fvcked up and already on Teddy's bad side.....'Bad judgment'
  6. How the fvck do you edit in this shit hole?
  7. Lot of in this thread done fvcked up.....Teddy's came home to roost
  8. Yep and you just fell to #2 in NHL capper ranking here...
  9. Yeah Plum you just dropped to #2 in the NHL caller ranking.....sorry Sucka
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