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  1. You are as ignored as much as el Chapo.....you try too hard to be edgy but nobody cares....be yourself for a change as hard as that is....but this little game of trying hard to be noticed by being (failed) outrageous is a failure....you’re one of the worst posters ever and it eats at you that I’m 1st ballot
  2. Hit up Spa casino when in Palm Springs... Pretty good spot
  3. My brother in law dropped his dog off at my house so he could go on a date and he had his mask on in my house with just the two of us there.... I asked ‘what’s with the mask’ he said ‘I’m taking this Covid shit serious’ I just left it alone.....
  4. All-Time GOATs Brady Jordan Trump Big Ted
  5. Can you cover me for old times sake Paddy? Brun would approve
  6. I just found this pod like a week ago, it’s just 15min every morning and after a 2min intro he gets right into his plays....19-6 since I started listening He has a strong angle on a female dog in the UFC tonight
  7. Sears has a MasterCard ....might be a visa Has nothing to do with the Sears store but to answer question ‘No’
  8. I woke up to a notification from my Sears card that was quite refreshing... I ordered online for Vons curbside pick up and it came to $96 so I go and pick it up come home and see they charged me $196....so I call them and they say come back and we’ll fix it, when I get there the lady finds the errors and gives me money back Plus those items for free so it’s over $100 ($133) and that amount Has to be given back cash. So I wake up this morning to see an alert text from Sears asking if I tried to use my card blah blah blah and I say yes and they replied Ok the transaction was denied so
  9. That offer is to good to pass up....go for Rd
  10. Up 7 on their way to 20pt win.....it’s negroe ping pong
  11. IAG the Super Kont blaming Trump for her loneliness
  12. IAG isn’t very smart....neither is her ghost El Chapo
  13. It anything? Improve your grammar #mycardtableismybed
  14. Our country is falling apart Sam.....this isn’t shithole Canada....we are the greatest nation in the world and we’re crumbling
  15. Ohh ok you got me I was off 2m out of 150m Lets micro it since numbers are hard for you to understand If 85 people were on one side of a fence and 77 were on the other side and they were ready to go fight against each other....would you be screaming that the odds were just to great to overcome? Same shit, there were (so u say) 85m Biden and 77m Trump My original question remains....why is the Left so dominant? It’s not that big of a hurdle to overcome so why are we sitting on our hands
  16. Whatever, still close when you consider Trump would be ahead if California was removed
  17. Can’t wait to Covid catches up to you....you can join Guesser in Hell
  18. With the amount of control a run of the mill Lefty has, I find it crazy that the vote was only 80m to 77m you would think it was 150 to 7 I admit the Left owns the Right but I don’t know why we sit on our hands and let it happen, the numbers are about even, we need to stand up and fight.
  19. They banned me as soon as I logged in with new account...they caught the phone number is all I can think of Oh well I’m better off...place is a waste of time, just pisses me off for the most part, I spend all morning in California Covid calling everyone a pussy...
  20. My new twitter handle is #Samscardtable
  21. Ok thanks....I thought they’d catch the matching phone number....I have plenty of emails to use...I’ll try again
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