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  1. Yeah Sharp Square is a fvck head.....his subway story is a classic
  2. Sleepy, how do you get around the text verification? I got suspended couple day ago and already registered both mine and the wife’s ...both booted
  3. It’s boring Mike but House is a boring poster
  4. House, stop posting pics and start trailing your Black loving whore wife when she leaves at night for coffee
  5. IAG would surprise you....she post at every forum every day all day.... She once told me she had a post tracker and she had posted 25,000 times over One (1) weekend... She has at least 6 ghost at 12 different forums including using names of most of us as her own.... I’m 99% certain she is El Chapo
  6. Could be worse....he could use his card table for a dinner table and then fold it up to use it as a bed
  7. I went to a nice seafood spot in Seal Beach today for lunch and it was packed both indoor and out, after a 30min wait they seated us but asked if I had a mask....not one person in or out was wearing one, so I asked if I had too...the server said yes and I said if it means I won’t get served then I’ll do it... No more then 25’ from the door to our table it was then I could take it off....two trips to the RR (I was drinking) without it and not a word said, walked out without it of course I know we all has shared these same stories many times but it still blows me away at the stupid sh
  8. No doubt about it....they are scared shitless and only listening to main stream and local news.... They still think their elementary teachers were smart
  9. Hammer.....I paid you and Mike and Boat.... $500 $400 $675 All just a few months before the downer thingy I pay when I owe....always have always will
  10. Same reason you wear a mask....because they tell you to
  11. You stupid sheep fvck, you would have paid Downsouth because Hammer and IAG told you too....I’m my own man and know that if a man gives you the keys to his car and tells you to ‘floor it’ on your way home from the bar....you don’t pay his deductible just because you flipped it
  12. Not true ZZ....it’s far worse to be a POS poster...I’m a first ballot and nobody will remember Paddies name
  13. There’s not a poster Ever who has been more ignored (even El Chapo) more than Paddy... If it wasn’t for Brun, nobody would even know his name... Total dipshit loser
  14. Comments like this crack me up....what a fvcking sheep
  15. Raise , looks like the original video is down, do you have it saved? I want to send it to a friend
  16. World class athlete and leading health expert and Time magazine person of the year
  17. It’s so funny to read how smart Hammer thinks he is.... Got him a 6 figure job from daddy so he thinks he’s Elon Musk
  18. Sam....clear the spilt chili from the card table along with clothing and nik naks and prepare for bed....you are expected at the Canadian dog kennel in the morning for cage cleaning
  19. I told Downer not to give me the keys to his car.....Not my fault he did and I drove it off a cliff...I blame him
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