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  1. Unfold your seating and make it into your bed and go to sleep Sam....you have work at the piggly wiggly tomorrow
  2. You eat on a card table every night and I eat at a kitchen table
  3. How the hell did that chick live thru the first shooting? She was shot 4x including a head shot but was sitting up just complaining like a yenta....her man only once so they were both home free before dude came back with the shotgun
  4. Even at 1000 you would get plenty of people to get drunk enuff by the 4th qtr to be talked into doing it for $2500 and you bailing them out of jail... They act the fool and do an overnight for $2500 and you collect the white meat (5k) Too easy for the player....50 max I’d guess
  5. They’re not going to take a bet at those odds for that amount when the bettor can make it happen... Same as the Dopes on these forums who always say ‘Oh yeah you don’t think I bet it how about betting me 50k and I’ll prove it’ Pretty sure out of the 1000x I’ve seen that offered it has never been accepted Nobody is taking a bet that can be had by the bettor
  6. 50k on a streaker bet that pays 375k Lol....highly unlikely
  7. The media hates it because they already lost Trump and now losing Covid they won’t have anything to talk about
  8. Yeah but it’s what’s funny about doing it
  9. Hello.....Ted asked for something and he needs it now.....please hurry!!!
  10. Dell Dude was asking for it.... Dell IE Cwissy is one funny fvcker so I’m trying to help him out....Don’t think Bill cares, he never complained here to get pic removed
  11. House....stop worrying about what Hammer was eating during the game and do something about those whores in your house with Jungle Fever
  12. Hammer....I don’t care what you do here but if it was me that was stiffed I’d be on my way to SF to beat your ass ten (10) ways to Sunday
  13. Houser whores... 3 whores and a wife Poor girls.....take that Black cock ladies
  14. What’s the wife doing today while you watch the SB? More Free after hour help? Did she bring the girls? They’re ready.....
  15. They swallowed it!!!!!!!!! Took the whole 8!!!
  16. House admitted at Whales place that his wife was caught taking Black cock and he was worried about his daughters who watched doing the same... Now his daughters are doing the same.....sucks....I really do feel sorry for him but he did say he would jerk off in the corner if it ever happened so maybe he likes it
  17. Those 3 little whores of yours will suck Black cock just like mama....sucks for you because you’ll be paying for their abortions
  18. Your wife takes Black cock you admitted to such at Whales place.....Now it’s just a fact that your daughters will follow....as whores to the BBC
  19. Your young girls ready for that pole ? Mama show em how
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