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  1. Hey Houser......what’s on the menu of the high school all Black basketball team? Same as every Friday night.....Your wives filthy ass.. Your little girls are probably entering puberty soon....Maybe mama can put them on the menu
  2. House wife swallows loads from the Black high school basketball team at half time Even Money
  3. Poster Fiftycint coming out as a pole smoker during intermission at -2000 is a Free Money
  4. Offsetting penalties Yes +130 seems like a good bet
  5. When Sleepy seemingly switched sides on the political isle maybe a year or so ago, it was nice to get him on our team but I think in the back of everyone’s head they were suspicious of a head fake..... Did he really leave the dark side or is this how he really talk.. https://youtu.be/f8PXvqYpGCM
  6. I’m going to have to now wait for the veterans committee
  7. You have a problem with 4chan but trust Rachel Maddow
  8. There solid.....They just had a personal beef with McIrish because he stiffed them when they were Betislands for like 75k
  9. https://backend.betdsi.eu/visit?referral=b0761b82-4c1d-45e4-8ecd-d6a2a1b9b6b7
  10. Good call on Housepicks.....wouldn’t be so bad if he knew how to post. He post 5 words at a time , takes him a page and a half per sentence And a bore
  11. Don’t get any of your friends started on credit until they fully understand how compound interest works. What did Einstein say about CI? Something about it being the 8th wonder of the world
  12. It’s because they practice for these right in front of us.....see Event 201
  13. Shit I just remembered....I once pulled the cable trick on my Discover card, I told them I was transferring my balance and wanted to cancel my card, they asked why and I said I needed 0% APR for a year because I was in a pinch... They gave me 9mo on the spot....I divided up balance and did auto pay and stopped using card Your ‘friend’ might want to try that first...
  14. The key is to get a card you’re going to use daily and set up Auto Pay for full amount every month, you don’t pay interest and you should get rewards, I average $60 back a month on my discover and Sears Then load up on cash back reward cards and run up the requirements (on things you need only) get the $150-$250 cash back reward, set up auto pay spread across the 0% APR offer and cut up card. Make sure none of your cards have annual fees You can Make $1500-2k the first year doing this then have to wait 18mo and start over with sometimes the same cards
  15. That’s what I’ve been saying to my wife from day 1.....Americans have forgotten that people die, if you would have asked the average American prior to the virus how many people died in a year the average guess would be 50k....they can’t fathom 450k because they don’t know math or facts
  16. How much is he looking to transfer? Is he looking to transfer to an 0% APR for 18mo or so? If he’s looking at say 2k it’s only $60 over a course of 18mo so less then $3 a month, tell him to skip Starbucks once a month and get the process started
  17. It’s nutty how a large group of people can Think they’re so fvcking smart but be so fvcking stupid.. Hammer and his group will come in here to give me stats on college degrees in Blue states v Red, and tell me how stupid I am but all that doesn’t matter when it comes to common sense
  18. Bovada Nobody gets thrown out of game by throwing a punch -2000 TB +14 -425 Free Money
  19. Still mass hysteria here in Cali, we will be the last of the states to free things up... Mask wearing while in car by them self is increasing, I’m seeing more and more double masking, employees quick to snap on the smallest breach of correct mask wearing. People at least 90% of the time will cross the street if they see you coming in their direction. Spud and Omar both won’t budge on the mask even if it’s just the two (2) of us they talk thru their mask and check themselves on the 6’ distance
  20. Any Reid’s son and KC coach just killed a 5yr old girl while drunk driving
  21. Stop living in the past.....your whole miserable life has been lived in gambling forums... Go find a man who is deaf dumb and blind so he can deal with you and marry him
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