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  1. I know. But im pretty sure I would fall into the category deemed excessive.
  2. Probably 75% of my net worth is in property. Going to a ball game wont mean shit if they are taking my lifes work.
  3. As soon as they start taking property Im fucked.
  4. Ywah. I get Sherwin william Emerald for about $45/gallon and go down from there
  5. $75/gallon. Yikes. I got a contractor account so get a nice per gallon discount
  6. Got mine priced here recently. The name company was around $7k. The amigos were around $4 to $5k and I buy the paint. One guy was so much cheaper than everyone else i am convinced he doesnt know what he is doing. All included pressure wash, caulking, and trim.
  7. With title thought this was another Chapo pick thread.
  8. $Buy a nice piece of jewelry. Rest of that stuff is excess
  9. Really is. The neighborhood kids have fired up playing lately. Have stepped out a few times to take some swings.
  10. I could hurl a dodgeball. Baseball player and decently high level pitcher thru middle school and even into high school. Would dominate dodge ball
  11. Kid/his parents found my wallet with just over $2k maybe 4 years ago. Also credit cards, DL, carry permit, and tons of shit that would have been pain in the ass to replace. Parents tracked me down and met them in front of grocery store. Kid brought me wallet with cash in place. Kicked him $200. Kid was estatic, maybe 8-9 years old. Parents looked like they wished they would have given to me.
  12. I 2nd the leaving guys alone in picks threads.
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