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  1. You guys act like its 10 guys from start to finish. If the gorilla is fighting that number is dwindling from the beginning. So you may start with 10 guys trying to choke and grab its dick but within the first minute or so its down to 8 or fewer. The gorilla is faster, substantially stronger, and a fucking wild animal.
  2. Even if they went for choke gorilla has no chin and just bites arm off.
  3. You act like the gorilla just sits there why these guys surround it and try to choke it and jerk it off. These things are fast and strong. This is not a bar fight where someone gets knocked down and gets back up. Silverback is putting these folks out quickly.
  4. Grabs arm around throat, either throws from there or rips arm off. His choice
  5. Huge neck and ability to throw whoever, whenever they want.
  6. Can we figure out how to combine?
  7. Juan drew a picture and hung on the door for you as well.
  8. If you bought a pos Jeep why not one of the fun ones?
  9. This guy should replace Hoffa!
  10. Shit has gotten ridiculous. Give them what they want, they fuck it up, and just move on to next pile. Might as well go play with Lebron or Warriors as guy clearly any leading anyone anywhere.
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