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  1. Catwomen vs Bateman....i slay me.....
  2. See Lebitch questioning why it was a bigger deal and trying to compare to Kyrie.
  3. I think all the really hated Duke Players are white.
  4. I have zero cats so you can have 10.
  5. It is awful. Saw one guy get bumped and literally launched himself up.
  6. One week away, got a feeling I finish as league high scorer and miss playoffs.
  7. I figured, just giving you shit. Not a cat fan.
  8. What the fuck does this have to do with the soccer game? You started with a normal sentence before retard gene kicked in.
  9. His team is pretty good, would have been favorite if he dumped one of his bench RBs for a decent receiver. Instead, he held on determined for another Hoops type lopsided trade and ends up with Jacobs sitting bench and waiver wire added WRs.
  10. Surprised as that one checked all the woke boxes.
  11. Please tell me there your boyfriends cats and he named them all.
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