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  1. Might be time for an intervention…maybe TGF Brass has an emergency contact number You know, any friend or family who could go by and check on him.
  2. I’ll make sure they send out your laundry. Hoping this is an isolated episode for you Mike. We at TGF will keep you in our prayers.
  3. Does seem to be slipping. Damn shame.
  4. He probably listed at the correct price.
  5. If we wait long enough, maybe it will come back around.
  6. I was never offered 240k…are you drunk? The Zillow listings assume market value which assumes updated. The realtor said that. He also gave the other options I have mentioned about three times now. Again, I think you are confusing the players and sequence of events.
  7. It really wasn’t like that all. I think you may be confusing the players. That’s what they told me the investor would be doing if they bought the house. They would be doing the serious renovations and flipping it. Everything has been above board except perhaps initially that the other realtor worked at the same agency. According to monkey who sounded knowledgeable in this area, it’s not unethical or uncommon. In addition, the realtor volunteered that to me as an aside today. I think they’re fine.
  8. Maybe I wasn’t clear in the explanation on the 300,000. The realtor said that the investor hoped to do whatever they were going to do then resell with the price point around 300,000. With the amount of money it would cost them for the renovations, their number to be profitable was the 220.
  9. Lol. NO….My realtor named the price and they were going to think about it and get back to us. It was their counter offer. My realtor threw up a number quickly but said we weren’t bound to it. …designed to gauge interest. Those people never agreed to anything yesterday. Their plan was always to remodel the house. Actually they want to turn one room into a bedroom, which was apparently the original plan of my dad when he built it, but then I came along unexpectedly while the house was being built and things had to be rearranged. It is a smart thing to do for any flipper. In fact, I may do i
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