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  1. The problem is not knowing true value if it has been artificially pumped by Tether during last runs...funny how much Tether was printed in the last couple mos up to the high and the day of lawsuit. I believe in the future of crypto, I just don’t know what the actual value is. The cost of producing a bitcoin is a long way from the current price. The tether thing is the only thing that has me nervous. One of the other stable coins needs to step up!😂 I kid. Trying to wait and see what tomorrow brings....week following futures expiration is usually good I think?
  2. Can’t find confirmation..if someone happens to, please share. TIA. (The part of thirty days to provide documentation to refute additional fraud)
  3. I have not confirmed this, but if true, not good.
  4. Tether still not printing. IAG close to exiting 80 percent of positions.
  5. IAG


    It’s not https://www.statesman.com/story/news/politics/politifact/2020/12/11/fact-check-lawmaker-changing-texas-castle-doctrine-law/3895339001/
  6. I put this last trip on it. Half way there. Lol. I’ll make it easily. When I screw up is when 8 get two cards at a time with same type requirements.
  7. Yeah..I don’t travel nearly as much as you, but at least the first year seems like no brainer.
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    That’s my point. I wouldn’t, but many did, and only later realized their ignorance. I need no one’s opinion on matters like this, but I also don’t just accept one because it’s “obvious” to them, or they quote Katie Perry lyrics all day while calling me a bitch.
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    Yep. Done starting any. He says he is the one of few who posts content. This is why.
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    People used to think it was reasonable to have slaves. I know what my initial reaction is, but again, I like to look at things from all POV before forming a conclusion. That’s what most non-brainwashed people do. MISTER sheep.
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    Forum Exit Strategy

    Are you in tune with me right about now pal?
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    STFU. You have it backwards. I take time, think things through, and come to the most rational decision/opinion. YOU are the sheep who believes whatever the nonmainstream alt right tells you. I’m not trying to make this a political thread. I just don’t want to see anyone Fok with Mr. Potato Head.
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