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  1. IAG

    RIP Walter

    My exact same feeling. That makes zero sense to me. I’m sorry Mike. RIP kitty.
  2. Missed this but glad u are ok
  3. I got out of there just in time! Glad u are ok
  4. They just came out and said they are or have reduced their CP investments and now more in treasuries…lol we will see. Proof is in the pudding as they say.
  5. I have to look. I probably have about that in gems in there too.
  6. Right…I guess because you can prove you own it? I’d rather have the physical…with possession being 9/10ths of the law…but again, I’m open to the idea I’m missing it…? Weird world we live in.
  7. So you can prove that you are the owner of a picture of a monkey? I know crypto guys waaayyyy smarter than me who are completely sold on them…I guess I may not see the big NFT picture. I have a few…which reminds me. What been going on with VEVE /OMI? Can u get cash for gems yet? Anyone know? Other than selling on eBay etc?
  8. Yep..It was good while it lasted basically reg free. Time will tell…half way til next halving!
  9. Never got the NFT thing. Sometimes I think maybe it’s how people used to think about BTC, and maybe I just don’t completely get the NFT thing. Then I think Nah….
  10. Sadly looks more like that every year. Things have changed in crypto, and not for the better.
  11. Looks like unverified accounts have $100 limit per week. Pass.
  12. That’s the thing. Even most of the stores that “take crypto” have an intermediary to convert, and they are paid in USD.
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