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  1. IAG

    RIP Walter

    Found the thread Should read Cockapoo not Cockatoo lol
  2. IAG

    RIP Walter

    Animals are very good at hiding pain. Idk. My dog was diabetic and lost sight at end. It was hard to tell. One minute he would seem fine it seemed, but he wasn’t the same overall. I think I posted a video and made a thread about asking how you know when.
  3. IAG

    RIP Walter

    +1. Had to do it with my beloved dog. He Was probably miserable much longer than I realized. Looking back I wish I would’ve had the selflessness to have put him down earlier, but it’s impossible to time correctly. Sorry to hear. It sucks.
  4. Never heard of them but googled. Don’t worry. Doesn’t sound like this could have applied to you https://www.insurance.ca.gov/0400-news/0100-press-releases/2022/release055-2022.cfm
  5. They only gave me one quote and it was from Travelers..200+ a month. I called Progressive. $851 per six months, but 250/500k instead of 500k/500k Do I need/should I have 500/500? 250 is highest they go.
  6. I had two really crazy speeding tickets that don’t even show on my MVR that I just checked. I thought it was because they were both out of state, but so were his. Mine do show up online on one of those weird reputation sites. No idea. Mine never affected my rates either.
  7. I think one was 5-10 over and one 10-15 but I’ll have to look again.
  8. I didn’t finish the app yet as want sure how to answer and then had appointment…I will finish tomorrow.
  9. TTP! We are FB pals. I will message him.
  10. Agree. They will ask though. I signed up on that Gabi site and they asked. I went with him to DMV and pulled his MVR. Two speeding tickets in Colorado. no DUIs or anything else. $493 every six month increase….already increased when I moved from East River due to more hail claims here.
  11. Best part about Grand Falls is Ruthies and the pool. Have Mike499 meet up with you sometime.
  12. I have no idea how they found out. Maybe when I got renters insurance for the first time they asked me…I don’t remember?
  13. My fear is in the invent of a bad accident and he was driving, they could deny coverage after investigation seeing his DL has my address. I won’t take that chance…unless I am prepared to NEVER let him drive my car. The only real time it would be necessary is long distance driving….we prefer to take my car….and he is the better driver.
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