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  1. Sure. But why do they need the quotes? It’s his name. NBD…just made me chuckle.
  2. I’ve never seen that with any of my pets….but they don’t have assumed identities. Was “Walter” in witness protection?
  3. I laughed at the quotation marks too. Wth? Lol.
  4. Politics aside, guy makes a hell of a pillow, just bought 2 more.
  5. Wu’s is right across from Tin Lizzie
  6. Drive by there all the time, but don’t think I’ve ever been in. Going down that way tomorrow, maybe I’ll stop in!
  7. Small place. A lot of locals hang at the small bar. Good popcorn.
  8. No. You can write a check or they will run it for me as purchase with no fees.
  9. Where was that? Did you go to Mr. Wu’s?
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