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    VeVe KYC update

    Good question. Will look into it after I find Kat
  2. As stated numerous times, voted Trump in 2016 and statement vote for Biden in 2020 knowing Trump had SD easily regardless…so Fuck off. I lost one of my cats last night during fireworks, and today is not the day to discuss politics for me.
  3. IAG

    VeVe KYC update

    Same…a couple NFTs and coins, but not $1000 worth. Ugh
  4. ^^^^^ so weird having this all over the neighborhood….
  5. K. You mad that you can’t make fun of me for having a social life now?
  6. Thanks! You would love it here . I think? Housing is problematic, and not a lot of things to do outside standard tourist stuff and gambling, but it’s pretty, and safe. Completely different world than other side of the state.
  7. Burgers, dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, crudités, cheese plate, corn on cob, baked beans, watermelon various chips and dips, cookies, brownies…standard Fourth of July fare.
  8. Yeah. Cats not crazy about them either. Wouldn’t trade this neighborhood for the world though in terms of beauty, safety, and freedoms…except for the weed…houses a little too close together for my liking though. Also too many kids for my liking lol. Area is safe af though. Doesn’t hurt county sheriff lives one house across and over, Last night the neighbors across the street with the Let’s go Brandon flag, had a projection screen on their house showing neighborhood kids movies while they had a fire pit in the driveway and had some beers. I don’t really know any of the neighbors, but it looked fun. Been cleaning house and cooking all day for “party” tomorrow. Could be one guest, could be 15….open invite. Hopefully somewhere in between,
  9. You can shoot fireworks here inside the “city” limits. Weird seeing/hearing them basically in my backyard. No fireworks at Rushmore though…thanks Joe.
  10. Kolzig secretly giving us the Rorschach test
  11. Will be interesting to see how 600,000 people overtaking this town of 7000 in 5 -6 weeks affects the numbers. I’m thinking of leaving town.
  12. I was Pfizer vaccinated but no booster. Never have had it to my knowledge, though I did come back from a large event in CA right at the start of it all. Lots of people from Seattle there which was a hotbed at the time. I had a cold for a couple weeks…much longer than normal cold, but never thought of it as Covid…my have been…no way to know now. Living in the 605 where many unvaccinated and no one wears masks except in hospitals or where required. My live in Bf who is unvaccinated has had it 2-3x. I never got it from him…again I was vaccinated and he was not. I got really sick same time as him last winter, but he tested positive and I never did, it was weird. We were both super sick though.
  13. the Wellbutrin increases the dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine…in any case, I read great things. Almost makes me wish I was an alcoholic to reap those rewards as well. As it is, I’m an infrequent drinker ( once a week maybe at most) but I usually am a binge drinker when I do drink. Anyway, back off topic, METS need to get it together….Braves only three games back now.
  14. 🤔 I see what you are saying. Same doc prescribes an a/d….if that happens then I’ll stop taking it I guess. I’ve read reviews and people seem happy….IDK…Contrave is a popular drug for weight loss which is made up of essentially same drug combo I’d be taking. I guess it makes food uninteresting as well? Also being prescribed for chronic pain…. I’ll have to assess the risk/reward I guess. FTR, I find most things uninteresting as it is.
  15. Yeah had some “should be arounds” early on when gauging interest last week, but few on the sign in sine Monday. We had three this morning confirmed (Red, KK, and myself) Red suggested we try again at later date and Kolzig concurred. There was no other interest. So may have been four. I can set up a table if Red and KK want to play. I had said would go if we got 5, but couldn’t even get there.
  16. I doubt it…was originally used for opioids and alcohol….more successful with alcohol than gambling…or at least more studies. Doesn’t make you sick if drink on it, just makes you derive less pleasure so your brain naturally starts to crave it less I guess. https://riahealth.com/blog/a-complete-miracle-how-naltrexone-works-on-your-brain/ https://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=117563&page=1 Also, has a bunch of other beneficial off-label uses I guess.
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