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  1. Good luck Brock! Brock is life! BAUS
  2. Brock, please don't take any more shots of this poison. Please. BAUS
  3. BAUS


    Brock is dining on shellfish tonight. Steak, lobster, etc after his big Gonzaga win. BAUS
  4. There has got to be a better looking tennis player. BAUS
  5. Brock is life! (But this vaccine is death). BAUS
  6. BAUS


    Nice hit on the three teamer Brock. BAUS
  7. Brock wins again! BAUS
  8. BAUS


    Good luck Brock! BAUS
  9. Never mind, this forum software is fucking garbage. BAUS
  10. Sharp post Mike. BAUS
  11. BAUS

    name the poster

    That’s Optional grazing on the hill. BAUS
  12. All 4 million Albertans are hoping for this. Get some! BAUS
  13. Brock is life!! BAUS
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