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  1. Yanks

    Teddy Update.

    Kid? How’s your habit and fake cancer? I’m pretty sure you just signed your death warrant if I get bored enough to make the drive up there.
  2. Yanks

    Teddy Update.

    Watch your Fucking mouth kid. I don’t think I’m the person you wanna piss off. if you want to continue this we can at sportsprescription..com when it’s all set and running or I can just take the few drive to you and we can continue it. yanks- head mod- http://Sportspresription.com
  3. Thanks for the fade. Some things never change
  4. Some people hate me now for reasons out of my control
  5. Thankfully only 1% if the signups used their real info And big bear was too dumb to access the back page.
  6. Obviously the bear thing was a complete accident and just clicked wrong button. Banned boat by accident once when I was trying to keep peace. Mofo was posting 599 times a day and he was gonna leave because of boat. I talked and like both of them so I thought if I put one of them in ignore in the others account it would help. I didn’t realize if I did then it would ban boat for some reason. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the right decision 100% of the time like others have.
  7. Pretty sure ia triangle isn’t made up of a horizontal line and vertical that meet in the middle with a random line out of nowhere that intersect with them. Doesn’t form a triangle at all. Triangle lines intersect at their end point to form the triangle. The horizontal and vertical keep going and don’t reach their end point. So when the 3rd line emerges it will travel through the other lines and then stop at a certain point. So picture a cross with a line starting at bottom left corner and going straight to top right corner. It will intersect but not form a triangle. Need monkey to exp
  8. Rumor has she recently crossed this off bucket list
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