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  1. Yup. 2 years later my father still gets out of breath just walking up the stairs. God knows how many people were killed from the vent
  2. My ankles and knees and right hip will hurt for like 5 mins now the last few days. Like really hurt. Feels like someone just hit me in on of them with a bat. Weird. But breathing is fine. I congestion. Feel normal besides those random pains
  3. Ya old lady was about to bring me to the hospital if my fever didn’t break by morning. my father had it right after the lockdown. Ended up in hospital and they intubated him. Told me to prepare for worse. Then all of a sudden he was fine. intubstion in my option killed a lot of people.
  4. No didn’t take anything. I wouldn’t have known I had it if I did t have to take a test for work. 2nd time I had it. First time everyone at work ahead it so had to get tested. I was fine. But tested positive. Felt like I had a coke for about a day and that was it.
  5. No. I can taste citrus and vinegar. That’s it. Only been a little over a week though.
  6. Never lost taste when having a cold or flu though. Oh well. Sucks. But I eat eggs now. Can drink liquor no problem. Goes down like water
  7. Thanks Mike Sorry I got sick. And was sleeping 20 hours a day for 5 days.
  8. Next day after my return I woke up sick as fuck. Had covid. Lost my fucking taste. Fever for 3 days. Was gonna put a bullet in my head
  9. Lol yup. Ended up in that flea bag motel
  10. Nah. Mich ultra and jd honey. Or vodka and Gatorade to stay hydrated wirh some jd honey.
  11. Was going down hill day one with that guy from the book I don’t remember supposed to be sponsoring. Think it was his condo. So I’ll give him credit there. But George saved the trip that first night and then after
  12. Ya and the condo we had after day one.
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