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  1. jd_

    VeVe KYC update

    Good news for some VeVe users at least. KYC available but the $1000 minimum is bullshit. I've got $250 sitting there that I could really use. Hopefully that will change soon. Also looks like 10% VeVe fee on top of whatever else. Guessing this will be like TopShot and lots of floor prices dropping even more now that people can pull money out. Here's the link for details. https://medium.com/veve-collectibles/veve-payout-what-you-need-to-know-c00529b28891
  2. Congrats pal. Grab some Limited edition Egde pizzas and head to over to E-40's to celebrate.
  3. Looked like sub on phone. I'm half blind. Enjoy. Taco time vs White Castle?
  4. Love a good sub and tots from the Taco shop. Looks extra dry, though, brock. What's on the sub?
  5. Made chili for dogs this weekend. Leftovers today, have to work. Try brioche hot dog buns next time fellas. These were good.
  6. Finally made the quesabirria. They were good but kind of hard to work with at home. Took a bit of time to toast each one in pan. Big flat top would have been nice for that. Tasted good though. I didn't have enough liquid left for bowl. Will make again at some point, just need a little practice on with the heat and timing on the tortillas.
  7. jd_

    It's A Done Deal.

    Hopefully X made it through.
  8. jd_

    It's A Done Deal.

    Loving the monogramed leather shirt. Clyde Kinsey, Jr, check your ledger in JF, pal.
  9. Always. Just been in a cooking slump forever it seems. Got a few new things coming to get pumped about, though. I decided to skip the pizza oven and finally got a decent knife and a top drawer cutting board. Figured I'd get a lifetime use of those instead of 3 pizza nights and then letting the thing rust outside.
  10. X-man is living the dream. How you like Carolina, pal?
  11. Brock, besides grilling and wings, what's your go to, at-home specialty? I'm going to start cooking a bit outside the usual.
  12. Will do a home version of that and also doing the quesabirria we talked about next weekend. Going to wet the beak a little in some Mexican and Asian home cooking here soon. Salud
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